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Free Valentine Seminar with Mili Ristic and Camille Lawson is a ‘Self-Love Challenge’

Camille Lawson and Mili Ristic

Mindset coach Mili Ristic in collaboration with Camille Lawson, an expert in stress and hormonal disbalance, is hosting a webinar, How to Give Yourself a Valentine: A Best Version of Yourself, at 7 p.m. February 10. Lawson calls it “a self-love challenge.”

 “It starts with you first, and then we help other women,” Lawson says. “Many women are experiencing unexplained anxiety and stress and have a general feeling of being out of balance and unable to cope—no mojo. The global pandemic has only made things worse for so many women. They are now experiencing unprecedented stress levels that affect everything.”

By helping women understand why they feel like that and how to reduce stress and feel less overwhelmed, the webinar teaches them to take back control and navigate their lives with ease and confidence.

 “You are your own best health and happiness advocate—we’ll teach you how,” Lawson says. “If you’re a practitioner, you’ll love our easy, effective solutions that you can share with your clients. Our objective is to leave women empowered so they do feel attractive, to infuse them with belief to be the best version of themselves. Participants will learn how to be stressless, get back their mojo, balance their hormones, transform themselves, and fall in love with themselves again.”

Register for the free webinar:

For more info, contact Mili Ristic at [email protected] or 925.705.0789 or Camille Lawson at 416.985.9621 or, or visit 

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