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Astrology for February 2021 – with Pamela Cucinell

Jan 31, 2021 10:00AM ● By Pamela Cucinell

Creative Connections 

Mercury is retrograde until February 20, so avoid contracts and big electronic purchases when possible. Negotiations bridge differences on February 1. Communication is key on Groundhog Day, when initial reactions block connection. 

Strong feelings dominate February 3; freedom comes with disengagement. Appropriate exercise is essential on February 4, when creativity and passion run high. Exuberance ignites on February 5, when commitment to a goal finds traction.


Aquarian Synergy

Instead of taking immediate action, relax and reflect after an unexpected occurrence on February 6. Organize, discard and finish up tasks February 7. Purposeful work gets the focus February 8; clear direction in the morning produces high productivity. Accomplish important tasks the morning of February 9 and leave the afternoon for cleanup. Impulse is strong the morning of February 10, when patience and restraint are valuable resources. Dynamic opportunities pop with the Aquarius new moon on February 11; relationships supply the juice.


Funny Valentine

Find the right companion(s) when imagination and inspiration soar on February 12. The February 13 love vibration benefits the arts and magnifies meditation and therapeutic results. In contrast, February 14 feels action oriented, so decide in advance where you’d like to direct your energy. Step up to a cause on February 15, when the outcome supports “David against Goliath.” Review and move ahead with projects already in motion February 16. A sudden turn of events on February 17 requires discussion to get cooperation.


Emotional Landscape 

Slow and steady reap rewards on February 18. Differences on February 19 forge bonds through animated discourse. Fast decisions increase on February 20 as Mercury goes direct. Movement happens in spite of delays February 21. Skins are thin February 22; proceed with caution. Heightened sensitivity leads to deeper connection or polarization February 23.


Routine Management 

Play beckons February 24, but whatever is planned takes an unexpected turn. Prioritize your goals for February 25, when ambition can exceed execution. The accomplishment of manageable tasks on February 26 satisfies. The February 27 Virgo full moon provides energetic stimulus for the establishment of routines that support your vision. Productivity is high until midafternoon February 28, after which you might enjoy cultural pursuits.


Pamela Cucinell offers spiritual insight with a practical twist through both astrology and tarot at Discover guidance through her website, private sessions, podcasts and webinars. For more information, contact her at [email protected] or 917.796.6026.