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The New Energetic Year Starts February 12. Consult dowser Jeanie Pasquale to optimizes energy to strengthen abundance and more.

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According to energy dowser Jeanie Pasquale of House Harmony, February 12—the Chinese New Year—is an important deadline for controlling the energy in our homes and offices.

“This is the day that you should have your activations and cures in place to make the best of 2021,” Pasquale says. “Energy dowsers recommend that each year you review the yearly stars, personal energy and combination energy, and that you consider having a dowser help you optimize them. It takes only minutes, but it will make a huge difference in your year.” 

The heavens and stars in our environment are connected to our “earth luck,” which dowsing can influence by blocking negative influences and amplifying the positive, she says, while our personal energy is connected to our birth date and gender at birth and connected to our “heaven luck,” the life circumstances we are born into.

 “Utilizing information provided by astrology and numerology to change your actions can influence your heaven luck,” she says.

Most feng shui experts do not combine space, stars and dowsing, but when they’re combined, the effects can be powerful, she says. “Paying attention to this information influences your human luck—your attitudes and behavior, which influences your life’s circumstances. Dowsing can have a great positive impact on these energies.”

Energy shifts and flows into our homes and businesses each year and each month, and their effect is determined by our personal energy number and the layout of our home or business, Pasquale says. A dowser optimizes that energy to strengthen abundance, fame and relationships, and weaken illness, violence, conflict and disaster, she explains.

 “Just as healthy living requires continued commitment and effort, so does maintaining optimal energetic health in your home, office and business,” she says. “The yearly dowsing addresses the influences specific to 2021 that affect your personal and professional health, luck and well-being.”

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