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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Publisher's Letter for February 2021

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

                              —Oscar Wilde

Life has changed dramatically for so many of us over the past year, with social distancing, working and learning from home, Zoom meetings and exercise classes, and other new restrictions and precautions focused on keeping us healthy and safe. We had to adjust to these changes very quickly, and I’ve seen how stressful that’s been for so many. I encourage you to stay present and look within for your inner peace and joy, by practicing daily, loving self-care.

My journey to joy and wellness has been an adventure of self-discovery, with many challenges along the way. Now more than ever I realize that my health is my wealth—and, thankfully, my health is excellent these days. I attribute my good health to regular exercise, daily supplements, mindful meditation, daily reading, and choosing nutritious and delicious foods to nourish my body. I also meet with various wellness practitioners regularly who support me in my journey. It has taken me years to feel good about prioritizing my health and wellness so I can stay strong and be a source of strength for others as well.

Given how stress affects us—not just emotionally, but also physically—I’m excited for you to read this month’s feature article, “Live a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle” (page 20), which explains how slight shifts in our daily habits can make a significant impact on cardiac health. What we eat is important when it comes to matters of the heart. So is what we think, say and do. Now more than ever, we need to take control of our own wellness and make healthier choices in all areas of our lives.

This year I’m challenging myself to make a few fun lifestyle shifts that I think will be easily achievable and support my health and happiness: I want to explore 52 new hiking trails, try 52 new recipes and/or foods, read at least 12 books, practice daily gratitude and mindful meditation, and add strengthening exercises to my weekly routine. I also plan to practice listening from my heart, to hold space for more heart-centered conversations and connections with others, as we all could use a little more love in our lives.

As our focus this month is heart health, we are excited to bring you several articles that offer tips for improving yours with a mind-body-spirit approach. Our Healing Ways column, “Tools for Inner Peace: Exploring Mindfulness and Meditation” (page 26), especially resonated with me. As someone who practices mindfulness and meditation daily, I can attest to how effective these simple tools can be.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to mention that Natural Awakenings has an online dating site where likeminded singles can meet. See our special offer and ad on page 31. Also, check out the online classes in our monthly calendar, starting on page 38, and visit to read exclusive online content and find more calendar events. Finally, please be sure to shop local and support our advertising partners. Let them know you found them by way of Natural Awakenings, in print and online.

Do all with love,

Dana Boulanger