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Nature’s Whispers With Michael Gulbrandsen Turns Walks into Workshops in the Hudson Valley

Michael Gulbrandsen

Michael Gulbrandsen, whose company, Reflections of Nature, builds custom-made hiking trails, has founded a new business, Nature’s Whispers, to help people deepen their experience of being in a natural setting.

“For years we’ve been teaching our customers how to connect with nature that surrounds their newly constructed trails,” Gulbrandsen says. “Through Nature’s Whispers, I will teach others how to make this connection to Grandmother Earth and its inhabitants. Through our Walkin’ the Trail Workshops, we develop a deeper relationship with nature and feel the healing powers of the forest. Walking in harmony with nature expands your awareness so you can relax and reduce your anxieties and stresses.”

All workshops are held in the forests of the Hudson Valley. The workshop season will start in April with walks at the World Peace Sanctuary, in Wassaic.

According to Gulbrandsen, the most popular workshops are Tranquility Walks, Wisdom Walks and Fairy Walks. 

A Tranquility Walk is not a hike or a workout, he says. “We move slowly and silently. We give you a variety of different guided activities, referred to as insights, to help you connect to nature.” 

A Wisdom Walk begins by asking nature a question. “That will allow us to see the signs, omens and wisdom that nature is offering us and learn to read them,” he says.

During a Fairy Walk, participants find ideal locations for fairy houses, place decorated doorways there and enhance the area around them.

“You have to pause and take in the magic, slow down your senses,” Gulbrandsen says. “See the forest from the squirrel’s eyes and listen to nature’s whispers.”

For more info, contact Michael Gulbrandsen at 845.489.7250 or [email protected], or visit