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Astrology for April 2021 – with Pamela Cucinell

Deep Listening 

The unexpected occurs on April Fools’; keep alert. Confusion on April 2 clears with meditative moments. Productivity hums on April 3, while care and check-in bring rewards. Hard choices on April 4 increase personal power and indicate a low-key Easter. Network and be open to inspiration on April 5.  Attention to relationships and possibilities on April 6 generate results. 


A Bold Start

Let your imagination fly on April 7; dreams take shape by evening. Creativity explodes on April 8, which manifests anywhere: kitchen, studio, desk, conversation. Time is worthwhile on April 9 when invested in therapeutic touch or supportive counsel. Dark of moon April 10 encourages an active purge of old business. The April 11 Aries new moon sets the stage for the right players to pull off your goal; don’t settle for less. 


Pause and Pulse 

Organize your thoughts April 12 for when application yields concrete manifestation. Acknowledge where support falls short on April 13, to overcompensate or look elsewhere. Narrow your focus on April 14 to accomplish priorities. This April 15 is auspicious for activities with the right companions. On April 16, pay attention to adjustments required to move forward. Instead of the quick-reaction temptation, sit with information to yield more on April 17. To soothe the day’s stresses on April 18, savor and enjoy an evening meal. 


Spring Fever

Power struggles on April 19 intensify and make choice imperative; sometimes it’s best to walk away. Everything feels uphill on April 20, and a good night’s sleep is the antidote. April 21 crackles and pops with exuberance, but not everything is as it seems. The early bird scores quick on April 22, but a lot can happen throughout the day for those with a to-do list. Profound transformations come through focus and effort on April 23. 


Fire Up

Relationships experience bumps on April 24. Stay with the conversation on April 25 and a shift occurs. Soften sharp edges at the Scorpio full moon on April 26. Tremendous passion rises April 27 which is best tempered. Get outside on April 28. Spirits rise on April 29. Contracts made on April 30 are rock solid.


Pamela Cucinell offers a spiritual astrological perspective for the massive changes of our time, as well as guidance through private sessions and podcasts. For more information, contact her at 917.796.6026 or [email protected], or visit and ActiveSpirituality.Life.