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Love Your Skin: Hilda Demirjian Shares a Culture of Beauty and Wellness through Skin Care

Laser treatment with Hilda Demirjian White Plains NY

Hilda Demirjian at work. Picture taken pre-Covid 19.

When Hilda Demirjian moved to the United States 37 years ago, she was surprised to learn that many Americans regularly tanned as a beauty and wellness practice. Having grown up in the Persian culture, where healthy skin was prized and going to hammams (spas) with her mother and grandmother was a weekly routine, Demirjian found the idea of purposely subjecting the skin to sun damage shocking. She was determined to teach people to “love their skin.”
“I knew I could educate people about how to take care of the largest organ in the body,” she says.
So, after working with surgical lasers for a gynecologist, she switched to aesthetic lasers and opened Demirjian Salons, in White Plains, 24 years ago. She changed the name to Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center as she expanded her services—not just helping clients practice preventive skin care, but also helping improve the appearance of their damaged skin through a growing menu of natural, noninvasive treatments.
“I tell every client, ‘Love your skin,’” she says. “I share my story and then evaluate their skin, letting them know what needs to be taken care of so they can enjoy their life confidently.”

FDA-Approved Laser Treatments

Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center offers men and women collagen treatment for younger-looking skin; treatment to improve the appearance of acne, scars and stretch marks; and treatment of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) on the face due to exposure to UVA and UVB rays.
All these treatments are performed via laser, which is FDA approved for all complexions, Demirjian says.
All skincare products used and sold at Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center are botanical, non-comedogenic and cruelty free, and come in recyclable packaging. Demirjian says she’s particularly proud of an antioxidant product she created after several years of research and travel: Collagen-Elastin Gel with Green Apple Stem Cells from Switzerland. While anyone can use it to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation, Demirjian says, it’s therapeutic for cancer survivors and people whose skin has been damaged by cancer treatment.
“I lost my grandmother to breast cancer when I was 12, and I used to go with her for chemotherapy. Seeing her thin, purple, prematurely damaged skin made me sad,” she says. “I always wanted to create a product to heal the skin.”
The gel is available for purchase at

‘Their Trust in My Hands’

Running a small business for 24 years, and staying consistent with her mission and passion, has been a challenge, Demirjian says. “I am still in business thanks to our loyal, amazing clients who have put their trust in my hands,” she says.
The clients have kept coming even during the past trying year, during which Demirjian has stayed “extremely busy.”
“They know they can enter our establishment and not worry about Covid,” she says. “We are taking safety precautions until the pandemic is over. I am looking forward to attending my international seminars sometime soon.”

Location: Hilda Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center, 34 S Broadway, Ste. 607, White Plains, NY. For more info, call 914.374.1756 or visit or

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