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Peak Life Holistics in Somers: Biohacking’ Restores Health and Wellness Quickly and Easily

Oxygen therapy with Greg Ribaudo at Peak

“Biohacking” might sound like a job done from behind a computer keyboard. But it’s simply about optimizing the body’s functioning to boost health more quickly and easily.
That’s the goal of Peak Life Holistics in Somers, where members have access to a wide variety of cutting-edge biohacking technologies as well as holistic wellness coaching. While everyone can reap the benefits of biohacking, Peak owner and health coach Greg Ribaudo says, he’s seen significant improvement in people still recovering from Covid.
“Clients who have lingering effects from Covid-19 often complain of reduced energy and difficulty breathing,” he says. “When stacking multiple wellness modalities together, we give the body shortcuts to increase energy, circulation and oxygen needed for healing.”
Using biohacking equipment such as red-light therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, oxygen training, infrared saunas and ionic footbaths, as well as guided meditations to calm the nervous system, Peak clients experience both physiological and psychological improvements, Ribaudo says. Benefits include a boost in physical energy, vitality and well-being; improved mental clarity, fitness, lung capacity and circulation; and an overall decrease in stress and stress-related health issues.
Although the United States has turned a corner in the pandemic, the prevalence of post-Covid “long-haul” syndrome has been well documented. Ribaudo says he’s helped clients with lung damage and circulation problems as well as those whose symptoms are invisible but debilitating, like lethargy and lost vigor.
“There are also the lingering effects from the intense fear and stress of current events,” he notes. “We have many clients who love our stress-relief program, which helps achieve deep relaxation and a sense of peace and restoral after this long and stressful year.”

Men’s Health

Biohacking has led to similarly remarkable successes in men suffering from low energy, whether it’s manifested on the basketball court or in the bedroom, Ribaudo says.
“Men with libido issues respond really well to a combination of red light and near-infrared therapies,” he says. “This combination helps to naturally boost the production of testosterone as well as increase circulation and improve energy levels.”
Oxygen training and infrared saunas are popular with both men and women, as they dilate the blood vessels to boost oxygen uptake to all the cells, detoxing the body and brain and increasing sports performance.
“Clients leave feeling uplifted and energetic, with an increased sense of well-being,” Ribaudo says.

Programs and Classes

Peak has programs to accommodate those who want to make a dramatic shift in their well-being as well as those who simply want to come in for a “tune-up,” Ribaudo says.
Its comprehensive holistic coaching programs cover diet and hydration, food-sensitivity testing, ketosis and fasting, circulation, brain function, gut health, weight and posture issues, sleep, meditation and breathwork.
It also offers drop-in sessions for those looking to detox, boost their energy and well-being, or treat themself to restoration and self-care.
“We are dedicated to helping each client individually and seek to address their root issues and concerns,” Ribaudo says. “We have combined many different therapies and teaching philosophies that are not commonly seen at your doctor’s office or a typical wellness facility. We are using cutting-edge technology, emotional release techniques, and common-sense wellness strategies that have been around for thousands of years. We’ve merged the new with the old to maximize results and help people learn how they can thrive on their own.”
As Peak evolves, Ribaudo plans to offer more group-based learning, with small-group classes and trainings in yoga, tai chi, breath work, joint mobility and meditation, as well as youth programs to teach the basics of health and wellness.
“We are also organizing day retreats throughout the summer months that will include some of these teachings, where our clients can get a taste of different wellness techniques along with utilizing our advanced wellness equipment,” he says.

Location: Peak Life Holistics, 13 Edgewood Dr., Somers, NY. For more info, call 914.301.3393, email [email protected] or visit

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