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Millenium Feathernet Chicken Coop Installed at Fable: From Farm to Table Farm in Ossining

Millenium Feathernet at Fable in Ossining, NY

A newly constructed mobile chicken coop, the Millenium Feathernet, will allow Fable: From Farm to Table in Ossining, to produce thousands of pasture-raised eggs weekly while providing their chickens with a humane home and leaving their pastures better than they were before.

Fable has always rejected the methods of modern commercial egg farms, where chickens are crammed into cages and denied any semblance of a natural life. These factories are inhumane, pollute the environment and produce eggs with sub-par nutrition.

Chickens on pasture can socialize, forage for insects and plants, dustbathe, and do all the other things chickens do. Still, chickens in stationary coops eventually pollute the pasture and deplete the land.

The Feathernet, a sturdy open-air A-frame structure, allows for mobility, ventilation and protection from the sun and enhanced security from predators. Each week it’s moved to a new patch of pasture. The system provides many benefits: the chickens pass on that superior nutrition to the eggs; food and labor costs are reduced; and the flock doesn’t inhabit the land long enough to pollute it.

After the flock leaves, new pasture seed is spread and the newly fertilized pasture regrows stronger than before. As the system is no-till, it sequesters massive amounts of carbon into the soil.

Location: Fable: From Farm to Table, 1311 Kitchawan Rd. (Rte. 134), Ossining, NY. For more information, email [email protected] or visit