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Persephone’s Pearl, a Center for Spiritual Development, Opens in Peekskill

John Omilana, owner of Persephone's Pearl in Peekskill, NY

The newest retail-yet-not-retail store in Peekskill, Persephone's Pearl, is a place where people can pop in any day of the week to purchase candles or incense, buy a gift, or find a connection to the spiritual community. It’s a place people who consider themselves “more spiritual than religious” might like to visit.

Owner John Omilana, a history teacher by day and a psychic reader and spiritual advisor in his off time, answers the questions “Why Peekskill? Why now?” very simply:

“Because there’s a need, and this is the place. Though Persephone became the queen of the underworld, in Greek mythology, her return to Earth’s surface brings green growth and eventually bountiful harvest before she returns to Hades again. Persephone is the deity of spring and summer. She facilitates transitions. Perhaps not as sexy as the queen of the underworld. Persephone is definitely important to both worlds.”

His vision is for Persephone’s Pearl to be more than just a New Age retail store in Upper Westchester. While it carries all kinds of candles, incense, carved boxes, books, tarot cards, oracle cards, stones, crystals, statues, singing bowls and jewelry, it also carries items that can’t be purchased on Amazon or Etsy. That’s because they’re made by local spiritual practitioners with intention, the intention of helping the users move in a positive forward direction. 

Besides local and global products, Persephone’s Pearl offers psychic readings in English or Spanish seven days a week, as well as Reiki, astrology and energy-cleansing sessions. The store’s services will expand to meet the needs of the community, Omilana says.

In other words, it’s “A Center for Spiritual Development” (as the motto on the store’s front window says).

Starting in July, Persephone’s Pearl will host weekend workshops ranging from Learn to Connect with Your Spirit Guides to Positive Magic through Cooking. Future topics will include astrological charts, reading the stars, candle carving, geomancy, protecting a home from negative energy, working with angels, shamanistic drum circles and more.

Location: Persephone's Pearl, 1 Main Street 1014B, Peekskill, NY. For more info, call 914.737.3460 or follow @persephonespearlpeekskill on Twitter and Instagram and persephone’s pearl on Facebook.

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