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Healing Fibromyalgia the Esoteric Healing Way

Jun 30, 2021 12:17PM ● By Bernadette Bloom

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Fibromyalgia syndrome affects many different parts of the body, with a combination of symptoms that vary greatly from person to person. The pain is often characterized as instantaneous and can go from zero to excruciating in a matter of minutes. Fibromyalgia can cause difficulty in focusing, concentrating, sleeping, and conversely staying awake—it can also prevent many from getting out of bed at all.

My client, Rebecca, is one of those cases. I worked with her for a year to help her heal her fibromyalgia with esoteric healing. She had been suffering for eight long years prior to finding me through my website, with classic symptoms of body aches and overwhelming brain fogginess that would cause her to stay in bed for a full day at least once a week. This would curiously be followed by an overwhelming burst of energy.

“It didn’t make sense,” she said. “I went from an active, extremely fit lifestyle to not steady on my feet and dizzy in what felt like overnight.”

She tried multiple doctors, who prescribed various medicines to try to help her. Lyrica, Klonopin, and Neurontin are typically popular choices. These drugs have side effects, which can range from mild allergic responses, swelling of hands or feet, to irritability or agitation. In more extreme cases, patients may experience suicidal thoughts, severe mood swings, depression, anxiety, or restlessness. The symptoms can also include trouble sleeping, panic attacks, anger, aggression, dangerous impulses, violence, and as in Rebecca’s case, occasional increases in energy levels.

Medicines treat the symptoms, but don’t get to the cause. Lyrica treats the sympathetic nervous system, the “fight or flight” impulse. Fibromyalgia causes the sympathetic nervous system to become unbalanced for a variety of reasons. It is not uncommon for patients taking these medications to then also have to take an antidepressant as a result of the side effects. Klonopin or Neurontin, nervous system suppressants, are also used often. These drugs can suppress the pain, take away the pain, or cure the pain but they won’t heal the person. Without the drugs, the pain will return.

“It was awful. I tried anti-depressants and pain killers,” she said. “It would alleviate the pain some, but nothing ever fully worked. I saw so many doctors and tried so many different medications.” She also explored holistic remedies. “I tried supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies. I went vegan and was open to trying any diet I was told would work. None of them did.” After eight long years of pain with no real answers, we began working together.

The esoteric healing method I use in my practice is based on teachings from Tibet. Instead of focusing on curing an illness with drugs, it is focused on healing the body and removing trauma to make a person whole again. Suppressing the pain with drugs is not a healing experience. The trauma that created the pain is removed on an energetic level with esoteric healing, not suppressed with drugs. This is an important distinction, as suppressing pain has a curative effect but does not provide a healing experience. This is the difference between curing and healing, or making one whole.

“I worked with Bernadette for a year, at first with one-hour sessions,” said Rebecca, “I then started taking classes so I could learn her methods and treat myself at home.”

In the esoteric approach I use, I begin by connecting to a higher power of healing energy. I pull from the Universal Life Force, known to some as the Higher Power, the Divine or God, an energetic healing presence from above. I then connect energetically to my clients, and my treatment approach begins with chakra alignment. I balance all of the chakras at six levels: physical, emotional, mental, personality, soul, and spiritual. With fibromyalgia, the level that is most impacted is the soul, and my focus must be on shifting the level of consciousness in order to truly heal it. When the soul level is involved, it affects five other levels: personality, mental, emotional, and lastly, physical. But the main imbalance, and where my treatment on fibromyalgia clients focuses, is on the soul level.

Two of the major chakras are energetically impacted more than the others with a fibromyalgia diagnosis: the heart and the throat. The heart chakra carries the energy of grief, love, and joy, and the throat chakra deals with expression and communication, or lack thereof.

An imbalance on the soul level of the heart chakra indicates unresolved wounds. This chakra has a direct influence over the muscles of the body and a typical symptom is muscles aches throughout the body. When the heart chakra is restricted the muscles are affected, which is why the pain travels throughout the body—the life force of the heart is held back from giving the muscles the nourishment they need, allowing for the occurrence of  pain. The heart chakra also controls the thymus gland and the blood. The thymus gland controls the immune system and fibromyalgia is considered an autoimmune disease, further proof points of an imbalance on the heart chakra.

“Bernadette created a warm and supportive environment where I began the long process of exploring the pain and trauma I had experienced in my life. We started by looking at the relationships in my life and seeing how over time I had stopped trying,” Rebecca said. “I was raised in a very strict environment where the rules my parents imposed weren’t negotiable, regardless of my needs. As I got older and continued to ignore and suppress my own feelings, I eventually developed unacceptable levels of pain.”

In esoteric healing, every disease is a form of subconscious communication. Whether it is as simple as the common cold or more complex like fibromyalgia, unexpressed anger and pain can present as complex diagnoses.

The throat chakra is the seat of the mental body and at the center of where you think. Disease is a form of subconscious expression that is turned inward. Many times, with a fibromyalgia diagnosis, there is a great deal of anger that hasn’t been expressed. Anger towards oneself and others, usually within strong familial relationships such as parents, siblings, spouses, or children.

“Expectations from my parents were clear. You were not to waiver outside of that line. Complaining was not allowed. I learned early on to suppress my feelings and the ways I acted in accordance with their wishes were not true to my heart,” Rebecca said of starting to work with Bernadette. “With Bernadette’s help, I learned to focus on what I was NOT saying; to identify and come to terms with all the anger I had toward my parents for forcing me on a path I didn’t want to be on.”

The throat chakra also deals with the thyroid gland. Since society in general teaches many women to suppress their anger, more women than men typically have depleted thyroid glands. I have worked with many women who have decreased or even stopped taking their thyroid supplements as they become better at expressing their anger.

The throat chakra controls the energy flow from the shoulders, elbows, and hands. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia often have shoulder pain, which can be looked as “shouldering” guilt, burdens, and responsibilities. The throat chakra also extends to the ears, signifying how you hear things, or not. People with fibromyalgia are often so sick all the time, they get to a point where they literally “don’t want to hear it anymore.” Energetically, their throat chakra becomes blocked, creating an environment where they can’t hear what people are saying anymore. They hear them physically, but they aren’t really absorbing the content anymore. And they are definitely not listening to what their inner voice is saying.

The alta major minor is a minor of the throat chakra. It’s not a chakra per se, but it is a minor of the throat. The alta controls the sympathetic nervous system. When the sympathetic nervous system becomes charged, this can present as pain, largely because the system is in fight or flight mode much of the time. The alta deals with conflict, conflict, and more conflict. The fibromyalgia mind is in an internal conflict to do what is right and an external conflict to follow what they’ve been told. This heightened sympathetic nervous system also can be the cause of the development of fibromyalgia. With fibromyalgia clients, I focus primarily on these areas: the throat and heart chakra and the alta major minor, which will most likely also have the highest block on the soul level.

Symptoms can be medicated with Klonopin, Lyrica, and a number of other drugs, but this won’t impact true inner healing. My focus is to remove the trauma they have experienced, so they can let the pain go and heal inside. I begin by asking them to think of three emotional areas they have not been able to resolve on their own. We then work together to alleviate the issues. First I align and attune to my client, which connects me to my spiritual healing energy. In energetic healing, I align with my soul and monad (the “I” source). I then create an energetic connection using the principles of “energy follows thought,” which connects me to their soul and monad. My focus is on the highest and best good for my client, which allows me to bring all the healing energy through my ajna or brow chakra into my hands. I then do a thorough chakra balancing. I evaluate and treat the client on the physical, emotional, mental, personality, soul, and spiritual levels.

The people I have treated all have different reasons for fibromyalgia to take root. One client told me that when she was a little girl her mother was sick and it was her responsibility to take care of her. She was angry that this fell to her, and she had nobody to talk to, so she suppressed her emotions, including the grief she experienced over her mother being sick. These emotions got stuck in her system. That is a heart chakra issue where she closed her heart down and one day she woke up and her muscles were hurting.

After I balance the chakras, I will do energy work on other support areas. The nervous system, the spleen and gallbladder are all organs of processing. I balance them to help clients process their emotions, versus turning them inward. Many times, people with fibromyalgia don’t feel supported, so I will also balance the spine, to encourage a feeling of support. I energetically send courage through their basic chakra, to help them make different choices. It is also a choice to let go of the trauma that caused the pain, so while I do the energy work to help release the trauma, the client has to want to let go of it. We work together to make this happen.

In my work, I also focus on externalization versus internalization to help clients learn how to express their feelings. Over time, the chakras become less traumatized from the past, which pulls them more into the present. True healing can only occur in the present, in esoteric healing you must be present from 60% to 80% of the time to be able to truly heal.

After I remove the trauma I energetically focus on filling the void with joy, love, and wisdom in place of the pain. Other areas of focus are the breasts, so clients know how to nurture themselves. I will also balance their eyes and ears to help them see and hear things differently. As these issues become resolved, the need for medication lessens and they may be able to reduce if not stop taking their meds.

“I have learned so much from Bernadette,” Rebecca said. “It has been a journey looking at all the times in my life I ignored my own feelings and put myself in so much pain. I have taken classes to learn how to treat myself. I have learned that I can heal and go further than I ever thought possible based on my own connection to my inner voice.” Her pain has been greatly reduced and, more importantly, when she does feel pain, she has the tools to manage herself through it.

As Rebecca said, it’s a journey, for sure. One that can be very rewarding. A true spiritual path of healing is available for those willing to do the work. I have seen true healing and let me say it is a wonderful, wonderful thing to watch. I teach people how to follow a higher force, and this guidance allows them to make different choices. I also highly recommend meditation to support the journey. I have a healing meditation I have clients use to help them get on a spiritual path that works for them. The more they receive this healing work from Tibet the more intuitive they become, which allows them to receive their own spiritual messages.

If you or someone you know has a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, know that healing is possible! And, of course, know that I will always ask for the highest and best good, whatever that is for you, at this moment, at this time.

Bernadette Bloom

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