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NuSpecies Formulas Deliver Plant-Based Food as Medicine

The guiding philosophy behind NuSpecies—the Dutchess-based line of plant-based nutritional formulas—is that our bodies have insight into our health conditions that a doctor cannot have.

“I believe you have the best chance at healing when you empower your body to fight for itself, in addition to your medical care,” says NuSpecies Executive Vice President Jillian Pelliccio. “Medication works in spite of your body, and this has its place. As medicine, plants work with your body. NuSpecies formulas, whole foods, herbs and plants are not an alternative; their role in health and healing is inevitable. Your body has the discretion to extract what it needs from plants and put those powerful ingredients to use right where the support is needed.”

NuSpecies opened its Dutchess County headquarters in 2007, after Pelliccio’s husband, Aston, completed years of development on his flagship herbal formula. The couple resides in Pawling, from where they manage 19 employees spread over NuSpecies’ four health centers, located in Westchester, Long Island, Brooklyn and Jamaica, West Indies. They ship to clients all over the world.

They source their ingredients from all over the world too, working with small farms where each plant is native. The plants are organically grown or wild crafted, then shipped to the United States, where they go through a rigorous testing and quarantine process before being used to make NuSpecies formulas, Pelliccio says.

“What makes NuSpecies incredibly unique is the nutritional potency of our final product, which has been verified by the FDA in third-party testing,” she says. “We make our formulas using a cold process, so no heat is applied to the raw ingredients. This means the ingredients maintain a high nutritional value in the finished product.”

The only limitation to NuSpecies products is “what your body is capable of,” she says. “If your body can do the work, our formulas can be the tools.”

The full line of NuSpecies products are available for purchase online. The company also offers individualized guidance.

“If you already know what you’re looking for, you can buy NuSpecies’ whole food, liquid vitamins and minerals, digestive support and detox products on our website,” Pelliccio says. “If you’re looking to rebuild your health, you’ll get started with a free consultation to discuss your health goals and receive a customized combination of NuSpecies rebuilding formulas.”

For more information, call 866.261.8886 or visit


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