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Eutaptics With Lourdes Crowley Teaches Nonjudgmental Healing from Past

Lourdes Crowley

Lourdes Crowley, of Crowley Wellness, didn’t set out to become a practitioner of Eutaptics, which combines elements of several modalities, including Emotional Freedom Technique, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis. She was just looking for a solution for her chronic skin condition, which—as it turns out—was caused by stress.

“That was the start of an incredible journey to my self—the self I didn’t know, the one hiding in my subconscious, running and ruling my life,” Crowley says.

After completing a free course in Eutaptics and seeing her skin clear up, she enrolled in Level I training, for deeper self-healing.

"My mind and heart started shifting towards positive changes, and everything became possible,” she says. “I came to live from nonattachment and nonjudgment. I understood alcoholism, abuse and trauma. I forgave those that hurt me, and I forgave me, for the addictions, abuse and trauma towards me and others.”

She became a practitioner because she wanted the world to continue healing, as part of a collective consciousness. Now she offers remote sessions in Eutaptics.

“The creator of Eutaptics understood the importance of fun and laughter in healing, and that’s part of this process,” Crowley says. “It begins with healing yourself before getting a certificate to help others heal. What was most effective for me was not having to talk about the parts of my past that were disconnected, ugly or sad to my Eutaptics practitioners. And I could still heal. I love that.”

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