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Shadow Work, Awakening Your True Potential, with Melanie Ryan

“It is time for us to reclaim what has been lost, uncover what has been hidden and remember what has been forgotten. It is time to awaken our golden shadow,” says Melanie Ryan, psychotherapist, mystic, author and founder of The Golden Shadow Method, A Path of Awakening Your Full Human Potential.

Melanie Ryan, closed her holistic health center in March 2020 and embarked on a new venture: guiding others on a path of self-realization doing time-honored practices of “shadow work,” a term coined by the famous psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung that defines all that is hidden from our awareness. 
“The Golden Shadow Method is rooted in the belief that all humans have basic goodness, inherent wisdom, compassion and intuitive powers that are hidden and far greater than ordinary reality tells us,” Ryan says. “My method is full of techniques that can be used to awaken consciousness, and my book offers over 35 shadow work techniques you can do at home. My business is online and international, offering live interactive workshops, private sessions and transformational work. My online shadow work immersions offer mentoring and peer support.” 

The Golden Shadow Method offers three vehicles to communicate directly with one’s shadow. These are called the three pillars, and they include Jung and the Shadow, Buddha and the Shadow, and Shaman and the Shadow. Each pillar is a 60- to 90-day shadow work immersion. 

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