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Non-GMO Corn Now Available at Three Feathers Farm

Corn growing at Three Feathers Farm

After a rainy July that slowed the corn’s growth—they’d expected to be picking the weekend after July 4—Three Feathers Farm in South Salem, now has non-GMO corn available in their self-service garden house. “Butter and sugar is the early corn, and the later corn is the white corn. They are both delicious, and customers love them,” says Jeanine Haberny, who owns and operates the farm with her husband, Joe.

The Habertys plant approximately three and a half acres of corn, as well as a large variety of vegetables. They also produce pasture-raised Black Angus beef and fresh eggs all year round, and in the spring and summer months they sell fresh “roaster” chickens.

“We aren’t certified organic, but we practice organic standards, so there may be an occasional worm in the tip of the corn—the good news is we don’t charge for the worm,” Jeanine says. “We make our own compost and spread it on the fields. We don’t give our cows or chickens any type of hormones or growth-enhancing substances. Basically, we don’t feed our animals anything we wouldn’t want to eat ourselves.”

The garden house is currently open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: Three Feathers Farm, 371 Smith Ridge Rd. (Rte. 123), South Salem, NY (across from Oakridge Shopping Center). For more info, call 914.533.6529, email  [email protected] or visit