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The Healing Journey of Shamanism Workshop Set for August 7 at Yima Healing in Putnam Valley

Mojan Javadi-Clarke

When filmmaker and visual artist Mojan Javadi-Clarke was introduced to shamanism years ago, on her first trip to Peru, she felt a spark ignite inside her that has burned brightly ever since.

“Although the intention of my trip was to gather research for my next film, it evolved into my soul’s quest,” she says. “Each new insight that I gained about Andeans’ way of life and healing practice filled me deeply with awe and wonder. A fire began to burn inside me and called me to make it my life’s journey to gain the deep, spiritual wisdom that flows from their powerful shamanic medicine.”

Her studies have focused on realizing the scientific bases for these practices—seeking out the harmony between Western medicine with ancient native medicine. In the process, she studied with medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., a world-renowned scholar in the field.

“My appreciation for the healing potential of this medicine has expanded tenfold under Dr. Alberto’s tutelage, and on a personal level, my own shamanic practice has delivered new insights and wisdom,” she says.

On August 7, Javadi-Clarke will lead a workshop and shamanic journeying at Yima Healing, her Putnam Valley retreat center. Yima Healing regularly hosts workshops, classes and ceremonies, and it also offers private sessions, both online and in person. Services include shamanic healing, shamanic journeying, hypnotherapy, life coaching and teaching.


Still Powerful, Still Relevant

Although shamanic practice is an ancient form of healing, it’s still potent and transformative—and it’s especially needed now, Javadi-Clarke says.

“The emphasis on finding balance with nature is particularly relevant to our modern times, in which we are bombarded with information and other stresses,” she explains. “The simplicity and sanctity of shamanic practice restores inner balance to face any of the many challenges that we face today.”

She says she also appreciates the beauty of the practice, which flows from the ancient traditions of the Quero people of the Andes mountain region of South America.

“Although these practices were hidden from the West for centuries, due in large part to the tyranny of the conquistadors, more recently medicine men and women have started sharing their knowledge and healing medicine with eager students,” she says. “We are honored to carry this medicine with us and to offer it to those who are called to find profound spiritual balance. In our practice, we guide our clients to a deep connection to self through connecting to Mother Earth.

This is a medicine to be shared and a practice to create beauty not just within, but without.”

Since she began practicing shamanism, Javadi-Clarke has shared this medicine with men and women all around the world.

“It has quite literally healed and transformed so many hearts and so many lives,” she says.

That includes hers. While walking her own journey, she met her husband, who is also a shamanic practitioner.

“Our shared shamanic path has allowed us to build a deep connection through our stewardship of Mother Earth,” she says. “Our workshops and courses aim to bring new awareness and appreciation to our connection to nature, and, in the process, call on those who work with us to protect our planet. Christopher and I offer our medicine both online and through Yima Healing, our little sanctuary in Putnam Valley. There we run workshops, ceremonies and classes, and see clients privately. We are honored to be in service of our Mother Earth and our brothers and sisters in New York and all around the world.”

For more info about Yima Healing, call 914.771.1694, email [email protected] or visit

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