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Cynthia Chase Offers Reiki Certification and Fusion Sessions

Cynthia Chase, who has been a psychospiritual therapist for more than 30 years and a Reiki master since 2004, is offering Reiki certification courses both in person and online. The courses are designed for “therapists, nurses, clinicians or anyone with a passion to become a healer,” she says.

“When you learn how to heal yourself and others by becoming certified in Usui/Tibetan Reiki Healing, you’ll activate your latent powers and find your life’s purpose,” she says. “Through Reiki, you’ll become attuned to a higher vibration for powerful healing.”

First-, second- and master-level Reiki classes are available, and Chase tailors each one to the individual student’s needs. The first level is the initiation phase. The second is the practitioner phase, where students begin practicing Reiki on family, friends and pets. The master level focuses on how to attune others and how to teach Reiki, she says.

In addition to leading Reiki trainings, Chase also provides individual and group Reiki Fusion sessions, as well as retreats. She is a member of the Westchester Holistic Network.

“I combine energy healing, Reiki, movement and journeying for balance, grounding and rejuvenation,” she says. “This transformative integrative practice assists you in accessing the wisdom within and helps you transcend limiting beliefs to embrace your greater potential.
 Healing life-force energy clears blockages, opening the way to growth and empowerment. If you’re a healer, you will become an even more powerful healer for yourself, your loved ones and others.”
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