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Professional Home Organizer Jackie O’Brien Says Simple Living Requires Organization

Jackie O’Brien

Simple living isn’t just about getting rid of what we don’t need; it’s also about arranging what we do need in the most efficient way, says Jackie O’Brien, a professional home organizer serving Dutchess, Westchester and Putnam counties and the surrounding areas.

“I help clients declutter and organize their homes and offices,” O’Brien says. “I put organization systems in place that will help them succeed in maintaining an organized space for the items that they love and need.”  

Whether she’s working with busy parents or entrepreneurs, or helping families move into a new home, her goal is the same: to keep spaces simple. 

“When developing a plan and system for a space, I don’t focus on what would work best for me, but what will help the client keep up with it based on their own routines and lifestyle,” she explains. “I also do all the shopping for them when a product is needed to help everything have a ‘home.’” 

Her company, Clarity Through Organization, can provide organization services for various areas, including kitchens, pantries, offices, closets, playrooms, storage rooms, garages, nurseries and laundry rooms. 

“Being a working mom myself, with a busy schedule, I understand how important it is to come home to order and not chaos. It decreases stress and anxiety in the home,” says the Hudson County native. “I’m happy for the opportunity to use a skill of mine to provide someone else clarity and peace in their home.” 

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