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Healing Dance as Conduit of Grace’ With Gigi Oppenheimer at White Lotus Grace in Millbrook

Gigi Oppenheimer

Healing Dance As ‘Conduit of Grace’

For Gigi Oppenheimer, dance isn’t simply an exercise, or even an art. It’s a powerful conduit of grace.

“There’s no limit to what God can give and create in the heart through it,” she says. “I’ve witnessed this in so many wonderful ways, in my own life and others’, that I’m moved to share the blissful benefits with others. I want people to feel relieved, happy and free to blossom in the beauty of their own self-expression. That’s why I dedicate my heart and soul in service through White Lotus Grace.” 

At White Lotus Grace, in Millbrook, as well as through her online studio-sanctuary, Oppenheimer practices intuitive healing for body, mind, soul and relationships through organic, transformative movement and dance. She offers one-on-one services to couples and teaches classes, both virtual and in person.

“The healing dance classes I offer are very gentle and are intuitively channeled to meet each person with what they mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually need in the moment,” she says. “They combine a simple sequence of movement with intention, creating a practice that’s adaptable to individual aim and ability. Calming, comforting, invigorating, inspiring, transforming—healing dance carries such experience and more. It is essentially spiritual energy healing in motion, accessible to anyone.” 

She plans to expand her class offerings next year to include retreats. Her next intro class,

Moving by Faith/Embodying Inner Trust, is scheduled for November 28. To register, visit

Location: White Lotus Grace, Millbrook, NY. For more info, call 845.677.3517 or visit

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