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Astrology for November 2021 – with Pamela Cucinell

Oct 31, 2021 11:26PM ● By Pamela Cucinell

Decisive Movement 

Perfectionism can get in the way of connection November 1; don’t dither and shortchange opportunity. Election Day leans toward fairness; fight for it, whether a ballot or life situation. Good results for projects finished by the afternoon of November 3. Set your intentions to slay your dragon at the November 4 Scorpio new moon; you’ll have time in the weeks ahead. Assistance flows November 5. Conversations and advantageous moments move at light speed November 6; run with them.  


Cut to the Chase

Initiation and completion work best for early birds November 7; the rest of the day, prepare with care. Don’t cut corners November 8. Breakthroughs occur with hard choices November 9. Optimism and inspiration buoy November 10. Start and commit to new projects November 11. Dare to dream November 12; solutions take shape November 13. 


Change Agents

Be alert November 14 because actions accelerate from all corners. Friction increases November 15 because desire conflicts with agenda. Discord increases November 16; choose your battles. Notice resistance November 17, because the release of attachments allows creative possibilities to percolate. Dynamic discussion November 18 brings to light transformational options. 


Partial Eclipse

This lunar eclipse Taurus full moon, November 19, highlights innovation and inspires relationships; invite someone new into your life. Connections with neighbors, siblings and/or children stimulate fresh ideas November 20. Focus on important tasks the morning of November 21, and mark the rest of the day for ease and fun. Emotions run high November 22 and 23, so avoid eruptions through awareness and sensitivity, especially for yourself. Playfulness returns November 24; dress up and seek entertainment and lovely distractions. 


A Holiday Season to Enrich 

Give yourself and those you encounter slack when tension mounts on Thanksgiving, November 25; don’t bury the conflicts, but look for the gifts. On November 26, imagine with the eyes of a child fantastic possibilities; banish the naysayer. A methodical approach to an undertaking November 27 sets up momentum for bigger accomplishments. Powerful healing energy is available November 28 as Hanukkah begins. Discussions of all kinds—legal, romantic, business, etc.—gain fast traction November 29. Whatever obstacles surface November 30 cannot stop brilliant collaborations—make it happen. 

                                                                                                                                                      Pamela Cucinell offers a spiritual astrological perspective for the massive changes of our time, as well as guidance through private sessions and podcasts. For more information, contact her at 917.796.6026 or [email protected], or visit and ActiveSpirituality.Life






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