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Persephone’s Pearl: A Place of Transformation and Transition in Peekskill

John Omilana, owner of Persephone’s Pearl in Peekskill

“Mindset makes the magic.” That’s the ongoing theme at Persephone’s Pearl, in Peekskill, where owner John Omilana—a former youth pastor, chaplain, social worker and New York City high school teacher—has created an eclectic space offering a variety of merchandise, local artisan-made products and holistic services for spiritual development and ongoing care. 

He describes the shop as “a place of transformation and transition,” named for the ancient Greek goddess who is both queen of the underworld and the annual bringer of spring when she comes to visit us “top dwellers.” Like Persephone, he says, “we’re transforming every day as we move through life and transitioning our perspective as we evolve through our experience.” 

The best example of that transformation is Omilana himself, a Bronx native whose scope of spiritual practice and personal spirituality are as diverse as his professional experience. Together, he says, they make him a good fit for the atmosphere and vision that he wants to create at Persephone’s Pearl. 

“If you need to find a candle, a sage stick, a talisman, a crystal, a pendulum, jewelry, a tarot deck, oracle cards, books, statues or runes, you can find them at Persephone’s Place, as well as holiday gift sets made with intention and authenticity,” he says. “You can also attend workshops on spiritual development, how to use crystals and pendulums, and how to make your own spiritual-manifestation baths and oil lamps. You can learn about things such as the different faces of goddess energy, and different spiritual practices and traditions.”

In addition to educational workshops, Persephone’s Place offers spiritual and energetic activities, such as psychic readings, seances and Reiki sessions, as well as special events like broom-making workshops, Samhain or solstice circle bonfires, and the March Madness Psychic Fair.
“Most of all, Persephone’s Pearl is a safe space and supportive community to those who are searching to connect and nourish their mind, body and spirit,” Omilana says. “In opening Persephone’s Pearl, I’ve opened a way for those searching for a connection to find the information and the tools to achieve their unique and higher destiny.”

Location: Persephone's Pearl, 1014B Main St., Peekskill, NY.  Info:

Holiday Jubilee Week Events

In preparation for the holidays and end-of-the-year changeover, Persephone’s Pearl will be hosting activities “for those who want to be festive and spiritual at the same time,” owner John Omilana says.

Every evening during Holiday Jubilee Week (the week leading to Christmas), the shop will offer festive workshops like Victorian ornament making, customized botanical scent making and gingerbread house building. It will also hold a winter solstice bonfire gathering, an end-of-the-year cleansing and vision-board manifestation workshops.