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Book Profile: "Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science" By Lia Russ

Lia Russ, author of Connecting the Dots, is a spiritual catalyst, healer and mentor. She’s currently organizing discussion groups, Connecting the Dots Talks, to help people think about and integrate aspects of the book. Lia is available for private healing or mentoring sessions as well as group mentoring. 845.418.2416 or [email protected]

What’s your book about? 

At 9, by following inner promptings, I healed a horse. That miraculous experience set me on a lifelong quest to understand what we are taught is possible and what actually is possible. I also wanted to understand why we are not told about abilities such as these or how to use them. My quest led me across continents, through time, into physics, biology, psychology, and ancient teachings, to bring you life transforming answers.

Why did you write it?

Forty years ago, science didn’t hold a lot of answers to my questions, so I pored through ancient texts and traveled the globe speaking to elders who held wisdom. I learned a lot, but being a bit of a science geek, I craved more solid explanations. Recently science has developed sensitive enough equipment that it can capture the minute energies our bodies produce and read. Science is now confirming many things our ancestors believed were true. Looking at scientific findings with new eyes, we find answers to questions like “Is there life after death?” and “What’s a gut reaction?” 

What was your goal or mission?

If you’ve ever had a piece of yourself shaved off by the world, this book is for you. I want to provide some of the teachings and support that we should all be receiving in becoming awakened, whole, self-accepting, self-actualizing beings on this planet. The information I provide is transformational. It brings us back to ourselves and to nature. It reinforces that we are all important, that our differences are a valuable part of the whole. I want to give people the gift of restoring themselves, whole and unbroken, strong and powerful.

Where can people buy your book?

It’s currently available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and through my website,, and it will soon be available via Shopify.