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Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Alex Barrientos and Robert Codacovi

Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Alexandra Barrientos/Owner
44 Saint Nicholas Rd. Wappingers Falls, NY
845.227-PAWS (7297) • [email protected]

Earth Angels is an integrative, full-service small-animal hospital offering alternative and conventional modalities. 

What makes your practice special? 

Earth Angels was the first veterinary hospital in the mid-Hudson Valley to bring integrative medicine in its present form to the region, with a blend of cutting-edge conventional medicine and a vast array of alternative modalities that are integrated to offer the most individualized treatment protocols for each patient. Truly the best of East and West.

What services do you offer? 

Among the many products and services that we offer are wellness plans, dental care, acupuncture, photobiomodulation therapy, alternative cancer therapies, supplement protocols, surgery, in-house lab testing and dog/cat boarding.

What’s it like coming to your practice?

From the moment a client and their pet(s) walk through our doors, putting them both at ease is a priority for us, and that begins with getting them into an exam room as quickly as possible. We utilize, and emphasize, a fear-free approach in order to ensure a successful exam from beginning to end. Our staff will even adjust the speed with which we approach your pet’s care, to make the exam as stress free as possible. 

What changes do you have planned for 2022? 

We’re pleased to announce that we are bringing veterinary digital infrared thermographic imaging, better known as thermography, to the region in 2022. Thermography is a noninvasive test that utilizes an infrared system to measure and pinpoint abnormal thermal changes within the body. The system gauges body-tissue heat energy that is then reflected on computer imaging. With an inexpensive and quick read, our staff will be able to pinpoint areas of inflammation in your pet. The days of “I think that my pet has pain, but I don’t know exactly where” are over!