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Karla Booth

Karla Booth 

11 E. Main St., 2nd Floor, Mount Kisco, NY  
914.649.9565 • [email protected]

As a specialist in the Alexander Technique, Karla Booth provides an antidote to the effects of stress and tension. According to Booth, we go through life “doing” as much as we can, often as quickly as we can, and the world is moving faster all the time. This brings about elevated tension throughout the body, mental stress, a busy mind, and a disconnection between the mind and body. The Alexander Technique teaches us that we can pause and reconnect our body and mind to reduce stress so that we can function more effectively.

What drew you to this profession? 

I came to the Alexander Technique after years of back pain in my teens and 20s. What I learned in my first lesson helped me become aware of my patterns of tension that were compressing my back. And I was so fascinated I decided to do the three-year teacher-training course. I have now been teaching for 32 years.

How does your work differ from that of others in your profession? 

My background is dance, theater and yoga, and before I became an Alexander teacher I was a bodyworker (shiatsu/reflexology). I’ve studied and taught movement of all kinds, I’ve worked with healers and other bodyworkers, and I also study and teach functional anatomy. All of this informs my teaching.

What should someone expect from working with you? 

If you come to have lessons, it’s important to realize that you’ll be learning a skill that can be applied to life. It’s not about sitting and standing correctly or having good posture. It’s a method for improving awareness, thinking and moving in a more coordinated way, learning positions of mechanical benefit, and studying the skills that can change longtime habits of tension.

What changes do you have planned for 2022?

Although I do teach a few people and classes online, my practice will continue to be hands-on and in person. I teach in a beautiful space that lends itself to calmness and gives a much-needed break.