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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Shira Adler

Shira Adler

Synergy by Shira Adler
292 Katonah Ave. #412, Katonah, NY
914.861.5186 • [email protected]

What drew you to this profession?  

As a single mom, I took the phrase “Necessity is the motherhood of invention” literally and created a natural wellness solution for my kids, which organically evolved into a recognized holistic wellness brand. It’s a natural extension of my life helping others overcome myriad life challenges through my work as clergy/healer, author and media wellness personality. 

How does your work differ from that of others in your profession? 

I’m honored to be called an integrative wellness pioneer in the hemp and cannabis space. I started my holistic wellness company in 2011 and launched cannabinoid formulations in 2016.  I’m also an internationally vetted expert in cannabioscience—the only hemp industries leader to launch a company in the area—and author of The ABCs of CBD: The Essential Guide.

What should someone expect from working with you? 

People know they can trust my experience, knowledge and deeply vetted products. My company provides unique formulations including a first-in-class series, Synergy Sprays—the world’s only CBD-infused aromatherapy. I’m also the founder, president and CEO of a newly launching agritech and cannabiosciences research company (EcoSynergy) whose team of world-class industry subject-matter experts share my vision for “modern alchemy” merging ancient plant-based wisdom with breakthrough science.  

What changes do you have planned for 2022? 

Launching EcoSynergy, LLC, is the biggest change for 2022. We’re supporting the cannabis and hemp industries through new-product R&D and establishing a one-of-a-kind CRO (contract research organization): CROCUS. Our first clinical study will be on long-Covid. Our upcoming nutraceuticals are the result of breakthrough science and set new industry standards for products—testing—and biodiversity and sustainability for humanity to Bring Balance Back.   

Anything else our readers should know? 

There’s never been a time like this on the planet. The repercussions to what changes our bodies and our society are facing are unparalleled—barely understood or yet experienced. When the energy shifts this dramatically, the natural wellness solutions on which we rely must also ramp up exponentially. That’s why we’re going so much deeper into research, clinical studies and education. Ultimately, our company is in service—to remind people that we are stewards of each other and our planet.