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Astrology for 2022 - With Pamela Cucinell

2022: Change Is Upon Us

In 2022, those ready to embrace the “new” work harder because there are those resistant to change. A continual drive toward unprecedented collaboration and innovation is the future, regardless of fears or concerns of the unknown.

In numerology, 2022 is a “6” year = equilibrium, commitment and relationship adjustments; we seek stability and take responsibility for goals. 

January opens with optimistic promise, but soon disruptions and detours occur. Venus is retrograde, which tempers investments and moderates resources through January 29. The Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger roars in on February 1: Focus on common ground instead of the reinforcement of divisions. It’s easy to get derailed or retreat to a separate camp, but that will not realize greater visions.

Dreams and confidence grow in February; reinforce them every day, like an exercise routine. In March, counteract emotional volatility with strategic withdrawal from toxic situations and strengthen trusted alliances. Aim toward aspirations at the spring equinox. In April, inspiration and enlightened perspective gathers momentum at the April 30 solar eclipse; choose the right partners. Go all in on the dream in May. The May 16 lunar eclipse ensures a release from old energy for those ready to tap into a more fluid existence.

Build with purpose in June; follow-through and tenacity are key. The summer solstice rewards those willing to show up and fight for their beliefs. Direct action is required in July when power struggles and conflicts attempt to overwhelm. Enjoy in mid-August, when fun is the best antidote.

September brings an exuberance that benefits from trust evaluations by the autumn equinox. Heavy energy drags until mid-October; pace yourself and anticipate fresh attitude when it passes. The October 25 solar eclipse ignites desire. Mixed signals and confusion haunt November; expect high drama on Election Day, with its lunar eclipse. In spite of a rocky start to December, the winter solstice offers opportunities to clear the air. Overall the holiday season inspires and heals. 

Stellar Events 

In 2022, we integrate the effects of the Saturn Uranus square. Saturn symbolizes structure and responsibility, Uranus change and revolution. The lessons and restrictions of the pandemic morph into new paradigms as people work with new realities. Institutions and systems that are up for change—governmental, financial and societal—all start to shapeshift into routines that now fit.

The United States experiences its Pluto return (which happens approximately every 250 years). We have felt this inevitable transformation for the last few years. We can anticipate big shifts in the nation’s financial power, societal values and global reach, as well as a probable reconsideration of how government operates. 

Retrogrades in 2022

When retrograde, a planet appears to move backward from Earth’s perspective. The symbolism of that planet indicates what internal processes are at play to thwart direct paths. This can be highly productive when you maximize the value of reflection, or it can frustrate and even delay action. 

The planet Mercury symbolizes the messenger, communications and transit, as well as humor, social media and news. People whose business or personal life depends on electronics feel the retrograde acutely. Messages misfire and directions or appointments go awry. Double-check and back up. 

Mercury goes retrograde four times in 2022: January 14 through February 3, May 10 through June 3, September 9 through October 2, and December 29 through January 18, 2023.
Venus went retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on December 19, 2021. Venus symbolizes how one loves and what is valued. This retrograde indicates a need to acknowledge lingering grief for the past. An old love may resurface. Avoid the purchase of expensive goods. Check with your astrologer if a wedding or new financial endeavor needs to happen at this time. Venus goes direct on January 29.

Mars goes retrograde on October 30. Mars retrograde slows action, harnesses anger and quiets desire, which can at times be useful. When Mars goes direct on January 12, 2023, expect an energy surge.

When Jupiter is retrograde, it challenges businesses and investments. Hesitation affects speculation, travel or publishing. Resistance paralyzes sales and expansion. Legal matters limp along. Avoid a product or business launch during Jupiter retrograde. However, the retrograde period can be advantageous for self-reflection and adjustments. In the sign of Aquarius, Jupiter can be extremely idealistic. The positive is a willingness to collaborate and an emphasis on social justice. The negative can be a philosophical righteousness that overlooks the individuals in the room. The retrograde begins on July 28 and runs through November 23. 

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