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Tap into Tiger Energy with Dowsing and Feng Shui for the Chinese New Year on February 1, 2022

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The Chinese New Year on February 1 presents the perfect time to take advantage of the best aspects of the Year of the Tiger, says Jeanie Pasquale, founder of House Harmony. Calling it “an auspicious time to experience fortitude and restoration,” she says tapping into that energy gives us the power to influence our new year without having to make a resolution.

“Every new year begins with a specific set of constellations and energy that has never been seen before,” she says. “Some people think they’re at the mercy of these influences, while others take control by using knowledge to cure their environment and activate their living and work spaces to support the increase of abundance, romance and health.”

To tap into that energy, Pasquale recommends contacting a professional dowser who is also experienced in feng shui. “Energy dowsing” combines the most powerful aspects of both ancient practices, she says.

“The dowser will assess your environment and come up with a plan to remove the influences that drain energy and enhance those that create healthy, positive energy,” she says. “Additionally, at this time of year they will guide you in enhancing these energy shifts with a few strategic feng shui adjustments to your home and workplace.”

As an energy dowser, Pasquale says her longtime clients can attest to feeling powerful energy shifts immediately, as well as long-term effects they never predicted. 

“One client, whose house was overcrowded with furniture and boxes after her father’s death, realized a few months later that many of the things she’d previously found hard to let go of were either given to family, donated or discarded. It happened almost without her even realizing it,” Pasquale says. “Another, whose business had been struggling, experienced an increase in traffic and success in closing deals and moving stuck inventory, after removing geopathic stress at the entrance.”

House Harmony offers quick complimentary assessments of homes and businesses and can develop an individualized plan for the space to bring “health, positive energy and abundance” for the new year, Pasquale says.
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