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April is Prime Time for a Custom Garden Installation from Kitchen Gardens of Westchester

A Bruce Davison kitchen garden installation

More people are growing their own food, and Bruce Davison, owner of Kitchen Gardens of Westchester, has a few ideas why. “Beyond wanting to be healthy and eat organic food, people also want to live a healthy lifestyle and improve and enjoy their property,” he says. “Plus there are increasing concerns about food quality, the supply chain, sustainability and food-borne disease. Many people have become vegetarian or vegan for these reasons.”

So this is a busy month for Davison, whose business focuses on turnkey vegetable, herb and salad gardens. 

“Early April is prime time to prepare your garden, amend your soil and plant cool-season plants,” he says. “Then at the end of April, it’s time to start planting many more seeds, sprouts and plants. I suggest succession planting into May.”


A consultation with Kitchen Gardens starts with a visit to the client’s property to take pictures and learn the client’s goals, tastes and interests. Beyond basic garden design, installation and maintenance, Davison can offer suggestions and services related to permaculture; raised beds and trellis techniques; extending the growing season with a cold frame, row covers or a greenhouse; heirloom growing and cooking; and overcoming challenges with pests and wildlife. 
“Growing your own vegetables, herbs and salads that you pick and eat the same day opens a whole world of possibilities,” Davison says. 

For more info about  Kitchen Gardens of Westchester, call 914.400.3742, email [email protected] or visit