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Astrology for April 2022 – with Pamela Cucinell

Mar 31, 2022 07:39PM ● By Pamela Cucinell

Fifth Gear 

The Aries new moon on April Fools’ packs a punch; consider every impulse before action is taken. Power struggles ebb April 2 by midafternoon. An unexpected occurrence April 3 creates options. A concession is required on April 4 to do the right thing. Serendipity abounds April 5. Focus on the goal to triumph April 6, when high spirits can generate confusion. 

Respond to Needs

Allow for cozy comforts to soothe April 7. Assess what works April 8 and what holds you back. Whether a simple move or a big shift, transition is tough on April 9. Dramatic surprise April 10 triggers explosive reactions; handle with care. Stable partners and solid commitments go the distance April 11— release those who cannot. 

Work the Love Muscle

A Jupiter-Neptune conjunction expands illusions and creativity; emphasize love to diminish divisive narratives, especially April 12. An awareness of the innate healing ability in your hands on April 13 enhances whatever task you do: garden, cook, self-care and work. Productivity is high the morning through midafternoon April 14. If you are not confrontational by nature, April 15 can exhaust. On April 16, the Libra full moon coaxes further engagement. 

Increase Focus

Discussions lead to revelations on Easter, April 17. Connect with your intuition on April 18 to actualize goals. Choices are hard on April 19, nonetheless—prioritize to avoid disappointment. The pressure to do everything increases April 20, when a lean schedule brings more satisfaction. Serious application on April 21 produces profound results. Messages delivered on Earth Day, April 22, have profound impacts. 

Assume Responsibility

Unexpected news on April 23 requires more than a quick response. Be wary of convictions without verification on April 24. Reflection and research on April 25 gleans valuable fruit. Deepen into self-discovery and creativity on April 26. New perspective is available April 27 but requires courage and a comfort level with the unknown. Tunnel vision limits options on April 28; remember to seek alternative thoughts. Any impulse to retreat April 29 cannot be sustained. The solar eclipse/Taurus new moon on April 30 asks for a step up to commitment.

Pamela Cucinell offers a spiritual astrological perspective for the massive changes of our time, as well as guidance through private sessions and podcasts. For more information, call 917.796.6026, email [email protected], or visit and ActiveSpirituality.Life. 
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