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‘Wash and Go’ Hair at Fresh Organic Salon in Bedford Hills

Apr 30, 2022 05:36PM ● By Marilee Burrell

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Ask Maureen Toohey to name the latest trend in hair, and she’ll say three magic words: “wash and go.” 

“It starts with a great designed haircut that is suitable and healthy,” says Toohey, owner of Fresh Organic Salon, in Bedford Hills. “It’s also about nourishing treatments that build in texture and movement, so every day’s a good hair day.

“At Fresh Organic, texturizing services are the hottest trend. To add a little extra something to your style, try an organic body wave that harnesses the power of ultra-nourishing complexes of biodynamic organic ingredients and green chemistry technology—basically, you’ll end up with hair that’s full of body but without frizz. It’s a way to enjoy beachy waves every day without using hot tools.”

The salon uses non-aggressive, botanical-based formulas with active ingredients that protect the hair fiber during treatment, Toohey says. This allows them to change clients’ hair shape and texture in safe manner. These products are free from thioglycollates, parabens, petrolatum, PEG, PPG and BG, fragrance, ammonia and allergens, she says.

Of course with the humid summer months approaching, many of Toohey’s customers come in with naturally coarse, frizzy hair that they want to tame. To help those with extremely damaged hair, she offers services to strengthen, repair and restructure hair, making it more manageable.
In fact Fresh Organic offers hair and scalp wellness visits, which include a consultation; a customized Fresh Detox Hair Bath; a nourishing, botanical-rich hair and scalp treatment; and infrared hair therapy.

Sun-kissed hair, naturally

Fresh Organic Salon has long been known for its all-natural, state-of-the-art hair colors, particularly for creating blonde highlights that don’t involve harsh, toxic, damaging chemicals. 
“Our customized formulas produce 100-percent gray coverage with longer-lasting results that are healthy from the inside,” Toohey says.

There’s an art to choosing the perfect hair color for someone, she adds. “Before choosing a hue or shade, we always look at the undertones in the skin. Even the flecks within the eye color tell us a lot. We use our skills and talents to enhance our guests’ true beauty and bring out their uniqueness.”

Another specialty of Fresh Organic Salon is hair and scalp health. Toohey and her staff have training and experience getting to the root of hair loss—which can affect women as well as men—and developing natural treatment plans.

“If you’re experiencing scalp or hair issues, make sure to book a scalp and hair wellness visit to spend the extra time needed, so we can address it together,” she says. “There are many safe and effective treatments, and we’re here to guide you through your options.”


Not just a salon—a safe space

Fresh Organic is celebrating seven years in its current location. Toohey—who’s been in the business for over 30 years serving the tri-state area—says the salon represents her vision of what the beauty industry should be: clean and healthy.

“When I created Fresh Organic seven years ago, I knew I had to take a stance on transparency in the beauty industry—it had to be different from traditional salons, with an open-air, nontoxic environment,” she says. “I wanted it to be a tranquil, safe space that promotes relaxation, a place to gather with like-minded people to collaborate on inner and outer beauty and wellness. 

“Our commitment remains heart centered—customers’ safety and well-being have always been our number-one priority. We feel compelled to continue creating awareness of the benefits of an alternative, natural approach to beauty. That’s why we partner with ethical companies committed to sustainability. We feel a responsibility to our family, our communities, our tribe.”

Location: Fresh Organic Salon190 Rte. 117 / Bypass Rd., Bedford Hills, NY. 

For more info, call 914.242.1928, follow @fresh.organicsalon on social media or visit

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