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Hilda Demirjian Skin Care Blends Science and Nature

Hilda Demirjian traveled the world and did years of research before launching her latest all-natural skincare line in 2008. As a result, her products—which she sells online and uses with her clients at Hilda Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center, in White Plains—reflect the twin influences of modern science and the ancient art of natural beauty.

“I have a passion and a mission to treat every individual as much as I can for their skin, the largest organ in the body,” she says. “Being in the laser and skincare business for the last 25 years, I want to bring the best to anyone who enters Hilda Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center. I developed my skincare products after extensive research and traveling nationwide and worldwide, visiting ancient spas in Rome, Armenia, Okinawa, Florence, Mexico and Bath. I am very pleased with my mission.”

Simple and Healthy

Since 1996, Demirjian has been creating research-based skincare products with 100 percent botanical ingredients, including fruit stem cells. Her products are unisex, cruelty free, recyclable and appropriate for all skin types. They’re also pharmaceutical grade, manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.

The goal, she says, is not just to promote skin health. It’s also to simplify the way people care for their skin. 

To that end, she’s developed an easy Five-Step Skin Care Routine designed to work for anyone, with any skin type. It includes the use of a collagen-containing product as the third step after cleansing and toning in the morning and evening, and followed by a moisturizer and an SPF 30 product in the morning only.

“I recommend the Collagen-Elastin Gel with Apple Stem Cells for the full face and neck, including around the eyes,” Demirjian says. “It is used for fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, and skin tightening.”

The collagen gel is made using organic green apple stem cells from Switzerland, as well as chamomile, aloe vera leaf and hydrolyzed elastin. According to Demirjian, this innovative treatment formula actively stimulates the growth of the protein collagen in the epidermis. By replacing the lost collagen, the product strengthens the skin and reduces the appearance of lines and other superficial imperfections. 

Going Global

In response to the growing popularity of this and her other all-botanical products, Demirjian now offers them both on her retail website,, and through her dedicated Amazon store. With this online reach, her skincare line is finally traveling faster than she can, transforming faces and bodies around the world.

Location: Hilda Demirjian Laser and Skin Care Center, 34 S Broadway, Ste. 607, White Plains, NY. For more info, call 914.374.1756 or visit  or