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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

A Tradition of Healing: Christine Jordan, NA.D., Ph.D., uses Ancestral Work and Bio-quantum Physics to Improve Well-being

Dr. Christine Jordan

As a minister holistic practitioner and doctor of naturology, Christine Jordan continues the work of her ancestors: teaching, providing healing touch, and uncovering customized solutions for healing journeys. 

“My ancestors were healers,” Jordan says. “Our family names mean ‘healing herb and essential oils.’ I’ve been schooled in the ways of nature through developing a bio-dynamic farm, and through academia. I have seen miracles in myself and in others—I was once a quadriplegic. Nature and Source provide much to be whole and complete; understanding its force and aligning with its truths can be challenging and yet rewarding.”

The newly opened Alternative Healing Clinic in Putnam County uses bio-quantum physics to uncover causes of subhealth conditions. Jordan explained her approach to healing in the following Q&A provided exclusively for Natural Awakenings readers. 

Many of your clients say they’ve tried just about everything before finding their way to you. What are they saying? 

These loving souls are frustrated and desperate for validation of what they suspect is going on with them. Once they get to the core of their issues, they embrace their healing and relax into gratitude and conviction. Those with mental health issues understand on some level that they are loved and cared for during their recovery. Those who are physically impaired experience what they call “miracles.” Healing is a miracle, is it not? 

Tell me about the technology you use with your work—the testing and the remedies.  

Applied to the body, quantum physics is a powerful science that provides accurate information vital in addressing recovery. The noninvasive testing device is safe and accurate, revealing cause, effect and solutions to subhealth conditions. It works by putting a person in circuit and then touching the acupuncture meridian points determining organ vitality. Once stress is located, pathogens are uncovered, including emotional issues, then customized remedies are matched with the body. This includes foods, thinking patterns, your surroundings, your entertainment—just about everything you’re exposed to. We provide the answers to why you’re experiencing a lack of well-being; you get to say how you wish to live your life. 

How do you help people heal?

Helping people is my life’s purpose. So, I listen, reassuring them that through commitment, they can change their situation. I provide emotional, spiritual and physical support, which is key to well-being, through understanding, touch, noninvasive testing and customized remedies. Once people understand the body’s order of priority, they can focus on what’s necessary in the moment and not worry about unimportant issues.  

Removing worry invokes relaxation, which is key to success. Once the body is reprogrammed to do what it does best, wellness becomes a way of life. Our bodies support our dreams; we just have to provide elements for proper functioning. 

Education is a huge part of my work, so I educate the community through free presentations at libraries, schools and just about anywhere there is a desire to understand well-being. (For event details visit

What type of person does your work help the most? 

People who believe in the power of their convictions and their ability to heal, and those who understand that healing takes time, money and faith. Therefore, those who have tested various healing modalities and programs and have not been completely satisfied, or those who wish to go beyond where they are, find that through bio-quantum physics, dedication to their conviction, gratitude, faith/belief and right action, they can finally get answers and results. 

Is there anything else our readers should know?

Science tells us that healing can happen in an instant, as in the ways of the great healers—it’s all about frequencies. All great sages resonate at the highest frequencies possible for incarnate beings. We know that introducing a higher frequency to a lower one will, over time, elevate the lower frequency. Subhealth conditions resonate at low frequencies; we apply high-frequency solutions for healing. 

Typically, it takes 12 to 18 months to get the body and mind functioning in balance. After that, tune-ups every six months or so, along with continued education and community, will support one’s healing journey. 

Location: Alternative Healing Clinic, 78 Secor Rd., Ste. 4, Mahopac, NY. For appointments or a free consult, call 914.330.5594 or email [email protected], or visit for a free gift.