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The Client Advocate: For Owner Marcie Manfredonia, Education is Part of the Mission of CBD Live Natural

Marcie Manfredonia

There’s a simple reason why Marcie Manfredonia is such a staunch advocate for CBD products, which offer the healing qualities of cannabis without the “high”: they helped her achieve pain relief naturally. So she started her own business, CBD Live Natural, in Bedford Hills, to help other people overcome their pain safely too.

“I devote much of my time talking to people who have suffered for years and tried multiple different products and pills,” she says. “We have monthly talks at our store, where we educate our consumers about CBD. We offer webinars and host meetups, and I’ve even put short videos on YouTube explaining how our products work and what’s best to use. There’s so much misunderstanding about CBD and hemp products; the only way to really fully understand the subject is to read about it and see testimonies from people who use CBD products that have made an impact on their lives.”

Pain relief isn’t the only health benefit of CBD, she adds. It also eases anxiety, depression, body aches, inflammation and sleeping disorders, among other wellness issues. The products sold at CBD Live Natural come in a variety of forms, including gummies, tinctures, capsules, bath products, lotions, salts and even chocolate, so people can choose a delivery system that fits with their needs and their lifestyle. 

“One reason our store is different from other CBD companies is that we are very affordable and we carry a wide variety of forms of CBD,” Manfredonia says. 

All products sold at CBD Live Natural carry less than 0.3 percent THC, which is below the required amount. 

“None of our CBD products will get you high,” Manfredonia says. “One advantage of having the THC in our products is that it gives you faster relief and allows the CBD to stay in your receptors longer.” 

She notes that because their products are made in their own facility, they haven’t experienced supply-chain problems and they can ensure that their products are safe and all-natural.
“We have a good supply chain,” she says. “Our products are made in our own facility located in California, and we test for pesticides and toxins in our products. Every product is tested, and we have analysis to show on each product.” 

Location: CBD Live Natural, 720 N. Bedford Rd., Bedford Hills, NY. For more info, call 914.218.8357 or visit