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SoftWave Therapy with Dr. George Gertner in Westchester

Dr. George Gertner

SoftWave Therapy is a painless, patented, FDA-cleared treatment for inflammation, chronic pain, diabetes and joint issues. The technology is designed to promote healing by stimulating new stem cells, increasing circulation and breaking up scar tissue or painful calcifications.

George Gertner, D.C., is owner and director of SoftWave Therapy-NY, which he recently launched in a shared office space with his existing chiropractic practice, Upper Cervical Chiropractic of NY. Gertner sat down to talk with us about his patients’ experience with this all-natural treatment.

Tell us about the successes you’ve seen with SoftWave Therapy. What issues have you seen it help with?

We’ve seen unbelievable success with SoftWave Therapy since our grand opening a month ago. The majority of patients we see have already exhausted every possible healthcare option, including surgery, before seeing us, without success. The vast majority of those failed patients have seen immediate relief through SoftWave Therapy. The type of issues we see most are musculoskeletal pain. Neck, back, hip, shoulder, knee, wrist, and Achilles patients have all seen quick relief.

How long does it take to see results?

Most patients see immediate relief.  Patients will know on the first visit if it will work for them. A typical patient is seen twice a week for two weeks to begin to reduce the inflammation. The pain disappears quickly, but the amazing benefit of this therapy is that it helps regrow stem cells. Ove the next month we see those patients weekly as dormant stem cells already in the body are redirected to the area of concern. The stem cells then can take up to 12 weeks to grow in healthy tissue. This enables most patients to achieve permanent results.

Does the treatment have side effects?

The treatment is very safe and has no real side effects. During a therapy session, patients tend to feel a light hammering or tapping sensation as inflammation is reduced and blood flow increases to the affected area.  

What does a session involve?  

Patients are typically gowned and sit on an exam table. A normal first visit, including exam and treatment, is $445. However, our grand opening special includes all that for only $49.

Location: SoftWave Therapy of New York, 311 North St., Ste. 410, White Plains, NY. For more information or to book an appointment, call 914.707.0110.