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Publisher's Letter for July 2022

Jun 30, 2022 02:57PM ● By Marilee Burrell
July is the perfect time for a vacation. Relaxing, unplugging and tearing up the to-do list occasionally is a recipe for a happy, healthy life. That’s why vacations are so important. They allow us to recharge or even do a mental reset after seeing things from a refreshed perspective. 
I’ve been fortunate to spend time each summer vacationing on the shore with my family. It’s still my favorite place to be—my grandparents’ summer house on the rocky coastline of Massachusetts. 

My sisters, cousins and I grew up there together, exploring tidal pools, snorkeling, fishing and playing outside until it was too dark to see. Our parents would cook up what had been caught that day—cod, flounder, mackerel, lobster and then add in a little summer squash, tomatoes or freshly husked corn. Time spent there as a child was simple and magical, and it’s still my go-to place to unhook and relax. Now when I go, though, I skip the penny candy, donuts and Diet Coke and bring my own garden-grown veggies, juicer and Nutribullet—all the tools I need to keep my vacation from turning into a junk food fest.

This month, our focus is on healthy food. An interesting trend being attributed to the pandemic is an increased demand for local food and food grown using regenerative agriculture. A reason being credited for this is that many farms have built their websites to include ordering systems or use home delivery services, often through third party e-commerce companies, making it easier for shoppers. And while prices on conventionally grown large-farmed foods have skyrocketed, prices on locally grown and organic produce, not as much, making the organic and local food more desirable by comparison. For more info, read “The Healthy Food Movement: Pandemic Trends are Shaping Better Local Food Systems” on page 24.

Do you remember cool pops as a kid? Or maybe that ice cream truck winding through the streets playing a hypnotic tune? This month, we’ve got tips on creating yummy, healthy, frozen treats with your kids at home. See “Cool Treats for Hot Days: DIY Recipes Even Kids Can Make,” on page 28. I like the suggestion to slip a little spinach in with berries. The kids won’t notice! I’m going to substitute coconut water or coconut milk for dairy in the recipes at the end of the article. If you try any, let us know what you think!

You probably know about genetically modified food. But do you know about genetically modified microbes? Jeffrey Smith, a leader in the GMO movement, is now sounding the alarm about genetically modified microbes. It’s actually very easy to genetically modify bacteria, and Jeffrey makes the argument that many of these bugs will inevitably become part of our microbiome, affecting our health in unpredictable ways and in fact, future generations’ very survival. He equates the urgency of this issue with the climate crisis. Please read “Jeffrey Smith on the Threat of Gene-Edited Microbes,” on page 36.

We hope you enjoy our July edition and create pockets of relaxation for yourself this month, whether on vacation or at home, even if you have to set an alarm on your phone to make it happen. And if you need some coaxing, read “The Art of Doing Nothing” on page 38. The health benefits are real.

Happy vacationing, 
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