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Astrology for August 2022 – with Pamela Cucinell

Jul 31, 2022 09:18PM ● By Pamela Cucinell

Lion in Waiting

August 1 is Lammas and perfect to dust off the superfluous and focus on the essence. Don’t get seduced by excess August 2, instead chew with care and savor the moment. The desire to have it all August 3 only invites a sense of feeling short-changed; shoot for what can be obtained. Sharp analysis and laser focus brings rewards August 4. Widen the dream August 5 and take calculated steps to encourage others to expand its promise.

Cat-like Stretches

On August 6, exuberance can be hard to harness and creates a problem when people feel bulldozed. Creative expression hits high octaves on August 7. As the Sun shines midway through Leo on August 8, the heart’s passion increases and with that, sometimes hard choices. Inspiration comes at the nth hour August 9. Go for satisfaction in the long run August 10, rather than rue temporary disappointments. Brilliance in achievement is yours at the August 11 Aquarius full moon when you weather volatility. Allow yourself meditation, nature and music August 12. Listening for gaps August 13 improves communication.

Quiet the Roar 

Disruptive energy August 14 is hard to handle for those who ignore it. Impulsive actions August 15 have consequences. Balance of power can tip either way August 16. Quell any longing August 17 with a surefire obtainable comfort. Stay on task August 18. Early morning eruptions open dialogue August 19. Enjoy ease of movement August 20.

Solid Ground 

Have fun and watch things fall into place August 21. Simple routines develop rhythm August 22. Find a reliable anchor August 23. Uranus retrograde August 24 signals upsets. Self-expression benefits from a commitment August 25.

A Page Turns

Finish old business August 26 to prepare for a fresh start. The Virgo new moon August 27 presents opportunities for brand new beginnings. A small sacrifice August 28 matters little compared to the potential success before you. Too many choices blur negotiations August 29. Find reliable partners August 30, and filter those who are not. Even if the road feels uphill on August 31, through good preparation and companions, you are on your way!
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