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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

SoftWave Therapy: Advanced Technology that Heals

Dr. George Gertner

by George Gertner, DC

In March, SoftWave Therapy of New York, the first Westchester-based SoftWave center, opened its new facilities in White Plains. SoftWave Therapy is patented; FDA cleared; and offers painless, fast healing for inflammation, chronic pain, diabetes and all joint issues.

SoftWaves are created by means of a high-energy electrical discharge in water. The voltage is discharged between the opposing tips (plus and minus poles) of an electrode. The arcing or spark gap causes an equalization of voltage between the two tips of the electrode whereby a hot plasma bubble is created. This bubble explodes in all directions, compresses the surrounding water, and generates a pressure greater than 10 MPa within only a few nanoseconds (10-9 ns).

SoftWave low-intensity unfocused energy is delivered via the patented parabolic reflector applicator in the form of parallel waves. SoftWave technology offers the only unfocused shock wave on the market. Despite this electrohydraulic shock wave energy in water traveling five times faster (3,355 mph) than in air (767 mph), it does not cause microtrauma. 

The SoftWave Therapy stimulates new stem cells, increases circulation and breaks up scar tissue and/or painful calcifications. Most patients experience relief as soon as their first 15-minute treatment and are expected to complete the entire treatment plan in about six visits.

Clinical studies show Regenerate SoftWave Therapy has a proven 91 percent success rate while offering a drug-free, injection-free and surgery-free approach to ending patients› pain.
Scientists created this patented SoftWave Therapy by using various lens configurations to produce safe, regenerative and healing soft pressure waves within the body. The results include a dramatic reduction of inflammation in the body as new, healthy stem cells are encouraged to grow.

Thousands of patients have experienced relief from conditions such as:
Joint pain, such as that found in the shoulder, knee, elbow, etc.
Chronic back pain
Acute pain from wounds, including burns
Numbing or tingling
Tennis elbow
Torn ligaments
Heel spurs/plantar fasciitis

George Gertner, DC, is the owner and director of SoftWave Therapy of New York, located at 311 North St., Ste. 410, in White Plains, NY. Gertner is a family man, healer, philanthropist, author of The Gift of Hope, public speaker and founder of one of the world’s busiest upper cervical chiropractic clinics. To book an appointment, call 914.686.6200. For more information, visit