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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Wisdom from the Council of Rocks Walk

Boulder Council in Patterson

Michael Gulbrandsen, founder of Nature's Whispers, will host another Wisdom Walk on October  23, from 1 to 3 p.m., at Inner Circle Farm, in Patterson.

During these walks, Gulbrandsen shares mindfulness meditation techniques to help attendees observe the details of the natural world. Additional guided walks are scheduled for November 13, December 11 and January 15.

“Walking in harmony with nature expands your awareness, so you can relax and reduce your anxieties and stresses,” shares Gulbrandsen. “If you are unclear as to what your next move might be or can’t find an answer, no matter how many times you go over the issue, then a Wisdom Walk can help.”

According to Gulbrandsen, by asking nature a question, we can see the signs, omens and wisdom that nature is offering us and learn to read them. “Once a person becomes one with nature, plants, animals and magical creatures respond by giving answers to one’s questions.”

Each walk starts with a grounding ceremony, explains Gulbrandsen. Then, participants will be taught how to ask a question, so they get a clear answer and instructed on how to interact with nature, so they can see the signs. “After the walk, we will come together to share the wisdom that nature has put out to you and understand its signs,” he adds.

Cost: $30. Location: Inner Circle Farm, 40 White Hawk Trl., Patterson, NY. For more information, contact Gulbrandsen at 845.489.7250 or [email protected]. Also visit

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