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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Natural Awakenings 2015 Pilates Teacher and Studio Profiles: Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess NY

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Art of Control

Simona Cipriani, Owner and Director

735 Anderson Hill Rd., Purchase, NY

914.251.7842 • [email protected]


How would you describe your studio?

The Art of Control (located at SUNY Purchase) has a long and prestigious history in the Pilates community. I was taught by Romana Kryzanowska, and I taught alongside her for many years. The Art of Control is an authentic Pilates studio dedicated to the tradition of teaching and movement.

What’s your professional passion or goal?

Everyone at the Art of Control holds two goals very close to their hearts: first, to continue the tradition and practice of classical Pilates as it has been handed down through the teaching of Romana Kryzanowska as she was taught directly by Joseph Pilates himself; and second, to see Pilates incorporated into the daily lives of all people. If you get up in the morning to brush your teeth, there is no reason why you shouldn’t likewise spend 20 minutes doing something good for your body. 

Any new-student specials?

Yes, two for one: purchase your first private session and get your second one free.

What do you most want our readers to know?

You name the sport—tennis, cycling, golf, fencing or Formula One racing—Pilates can help. It can help you gain strength in every aspect of your daily life. Pilates is all about functional training, building strength in your deep muscles while also training you to move efficiently and reawaken the nervous system.



Breathe Pilates and Yoga

Adina Olan, Owner and Instructor

83 N. Greeley Ave., 2nd Floor, Chappaqua, NY

914.238.0184 • [email protected]


How would you describe your studio?

Our intention at Breathe is to enhance the total wellness of each student by conditioning for optimal fitness with Pilates. Equipped with top-of-line apparatus and deeply dedicated, highly experienced instructors, classes embrace the six principles of Pilates: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. Breathe welcomes students of various levels and fitness, from supporting the needs of beginners to advancing the practice of those with experience.

What’s your professional passion or goal?

Pilates can transform your body to an elevated level of health and condition, whether you’re recovering from injury, training for performance sports or simply improving your quality of life. Sharing that empowering transformation is a constant goal for all of us at Breathe. Leading students to feel happy and confident in their physique and capability, and to experience that transformation toward greater wellness, is the passion behind what we do here.

Any new-student specials?

We encourage all students who are new to Breathe (even if they have Pilates experience) to start with private instruction to ensure safety and efficacy in their classes. Our special for new students is a Beginners Package of two private sessions plus one tower class for $150. We also have ongoing specials available to all students, including a Private 4-Pack for $300 and a 20-Class Pack for $450.

What do you most want our readers to know?

Breathe is a fun, lighthearted environment for doing serious hard work. Expect to hear bouts of laughter combined with grunts of effort! We sweat, we flex, we get in shape ... and we have an awesome time doing it



Pilates on Hudson, Inc.

Marilyn K. Miller, Owner

8 John Walsh Ave., Ste. 428, Peekskill, NY

914.739.1178 • [email protected]


How would you describe your studio?

We offer a contemporary approach to Pilates training, specializing in orthopedic post-rehabilitation, prenatal/postpartum recovery, and sports and dance injuries. Our clientele range from older baby boomers to young moms, from current Broadway stars to former professional athletes. Our instructors have completed a 500-hour Pilates certification program, have more than ten years’ experience teaching, and are all retired professional dancers with decades of movement training. 

What’s your professional passion or goal?

My passion is taking people who suffer with chronic pain that hasn’t been addressed by traditional medical treatments and working with them to relieve the pain and take their lives back. I saw how Pilates worked as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program when I first did it at the Center for Dance Medicine in San Francisco, and I aim to bring that same approach to my clients here in New York.

Any new-student specials?

We are currently offering a summer special of unlimited equipment classes for only $150 a month. Additionally, we have a new-client special offering three private lessons for $199.

What do you most want our readers to know?

We create customized, individualized sessions focusing on correcting bad habits, strengthening weaknesses and improving gait and balance. We are recommended for our work by numerous doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists, including Dr. Jordan Metzl, dance and sports medicine specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery, and Louis Bisogni, DC, chiropractor for the NY Yankees.



Juliana Pilates

Juliana Santos, Owner

15 N. Broadway, 2nd Floor, Tarrytown, NY

914.703.1155 • [email protected]


How would you describe your studio?

Juliana Pilates is a small Pilates studio with a reformer, barrel and mini-trampoline, designed for private lessons only. We offer a friendly atmosphere and capable professionals who will help you attain your objectives. 

What’s your professional passion or goal?

I am a physical education teacher with extensive experience in the design and implementation of rehabilitation programs to help students lead more productive lives. Most of my students have serious physical issues like poor posture, herniated discs, hip replacements, bulk discs, chronic pain, etc. Each person who comes to me is a new challenge, and I enjoy helping each of my students attain their individual goals.

Any new-student specials?

I offer a half-hour complimentary class, which allows new students to become better acquainted with the machines, my style of teaching, and the studio environment.

What do you most want our readers to know?

I'd like to let them know that everyone can do Pilates. Pilates is not just about having beautiful abs, but about feeling strong, flexible, healthy and pain-free



The Pilates Center Rhinebeck

Beth Graziano, Owner

3752 Route 9G, Rhinebeck, NY

845.876.5114 •


How would you describe your studio?

The Pilates Center Rhinebeck is the only studio in Dutchess County owned and operated by a classical, authentic second-generation teacher. I studied under and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska, who was one of Joseph Pilates’ principal protégés.

What is your professional passion or goal?

Because Pilates is a method that can be tailored to your unique health and fitness needs (whether you are healthy or injured, or athletic or not), my goal is to ensure that each session meets your changing abilities and strengths, and that you walk out of your session feeling taller, stronger and more energized than when you walked in.

Any new-student specials?

Yes. We offer an introductory package of five private sessions for $300.

What do you most want our readers to know?

In our studio, we teach Pilates the way it was meant to be taught. Emphasis is placed on correct form to achieve strength and flexibility. You will receive experienced, personalized attention— even in group classes. 



Rhinebeck Pilates

Elaine Ewing, Owner

6400 Montgomery St., Rhinebeck, NY

845.876.5686 • [email protected]


How would you describe your studio?

We offer classical Pilates in a fully equipped studio with authentic Gratz equipment. We teach small group classes on the towers, reformers and mats, as well as private sessions. Our teachers are highly trained and passionate about what they do.

What’s your professional passion or goal?

At Rhinebeck Pilates, we teach the Pilates method as closely as possible to what Joseph Pilates originally intended. All of our teachers take numerous continuing education hours per year with the leading master teachers of the Pilates method. We pass that knowledge on to our students and witness amazing transformations.

Any new-student specials?

We offer a variety of intro packages for new students. The most popular one is the Best Way to Start Pilates, which is five private sessions for $300. Other intro packages are Intro to Group Classes (nine different classes for $198), Intro to Rhinebeck Pilates (one private, one equipment class and one mat class for $100), and Intro to Gyrotonic (five Gyrotonic privates for $300).

What do you most want our readers to know?

Our studio is in a gorgeous setting in the center of Rhinebeck Village. Our teachers and classes are fun, friendly and welcoming. Men and women, young and older people, those who are fit and those who’ve never exercised—they all benefit immensely from Pilates at our studio.


Mindful Pilates and Plants Retreat in British Columbia

Six Petals Retreats hosts mindful Pilates and Plants adventures in inspiring natural settings around the globe. The experiences include daily open-level Pilates classes, herb walks, meditation, wild foraging workshops, naturalist hikes, kayaking and time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

“We guide each of our guests in cultivating what we call COREageous Nourishment, or wisdom awareness in the body,” says co-founder Téana David. “Our lakefront accommodations, delicious farm-to-table meals, and on-site massage treatments nourish people at their core, and they return home feeling refreshed and invigorated, with new tools to keep them healthy for life.”

The next retreat, Core Radiance: a Pilates and Plants Retreat, takes place at the Six Petals Center on Cortes Island in British Columbia from July 26 to August 1. David, a Pilates educator and herbalist, co-leads the retreat with Philip Valentinetti, a Registered Yoga Teacher with many years of experience in the hospitality industry.

For more info, call 917.847.2506 or visit



Summer Pilates Special in Bedford

Bedford Therapeutic Movement & Massage, which offers a blend of alternative physiotherapy, gym and spa services, has launched a summer special for first-time Pilates clients: three private sessions for the price of two.

Owner Sarah Mace says she’s offering the special price (a $330 value for $200) to enable more people to experience healing through the studio nicknamed “the therapeutic playground”—an integrative system of body-mind wellness offered in a sunny, tranquil environment.

“Our private sessions include a combination of apparatus Pilates, Gyrotonic and stretching with advanced massage techniques,” she says. “Clients of all ages and abilities find these sessions help reverse gravitational pull, manage pain, improve sports performance and keep them off the surgeon’s table. We also have treatments specific for certain sports and conditions, for seniors, and for pre- and postnatal women.”

Mace is a licensed massage therapist with more than 25 years’ experience in integrative movement and manual therapies. For client convenience, she also makes outcalls.

Bedford Movement & Massage is located at 2 Depot Pl., Ste. 102a, Bedford Hills, NY. For more info, call 914.649.2274 or visit


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