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Yamuna Body Rolling with Rick Panson: Classes offered in Cold Spring, NY this month.

Rick Panson

Natural Awakenings recently spoke with Rick Panson, a certified Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner in Westchester, to learn about this unique bodywork technique created by Yamuna Zake, a master teacher of body sustainability.

What is Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR), and how is it different than other rolling methods?

YBR is unique in that it is focused on bone stimulation with tractioning—that is, stretching—which gently goes deeper than myofascial or trigger point release. We use air-filled balls with adjustable pressure for appropriate firmness, as well as deep Hatha yoga breathing, in order to sink deeply through all the tissues, right down to the bones. By using balls, you are able to move in multiple directions rather than just along the single direction of a bolster-type roller. The Yamuna balls can go places the bolsters can’t reach.

Who can benefit from YBR?

Everyone. YBR is a restorative yoga practice that is safe and effective for any age and fitness level. I’ve had experience working with the elderly with fantastic results, since we can adapt the floor routines to the wall and chair or couch. Athletes are especially pleased with their enhanced performance and recovery. Most of my students are just everyday people who have some pain issues and hear about how effective YBR is in relieving their discomfort.

How did you get started with YBR?

I’ve been prone to aches and pains, since I work and play rather hard in the garden and yard and in activities like yoga, hang-gliding and rollerblading. I was injured doing a yoga inversion years ago, and my neck was left with very limited range of motion. YBR taught me how to repair myself ... it is truly a self-health technique beyond any other Ive ever experienced. Its a combination of self-massage and chiropractic realignment as well as a toning body technique that helps develop fitness and self-awareness of the body and how it works. Furthermore, it helps me unwind mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as it involves deep, meditative breathing throughout the work.

What’s next for you with this work?

I love introducing YBR to yoga schools, fitness centers, chiropractors and physical therapists, as I envision their work being much more effective with YBR techniques included. I’m available to teach private sessions, classes and workshops at any location in the tri-state area, and Yamuna herself teaches around the globe.

Contact Rick Panson at 212.533.5256 or [email protected]. For more info, visit To learn more about Yamuna Zake and her self-care techniques, visit


Yamuna Body Rolling Classes

Learn Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Foot Fitness with Rick Panson on Thursday in March 2016 at Skybaby Studio in Cold Spring.

Yamuna Foot Fitness – 10-10:30am. Class stimulates all 26 bones of the foot, attached tendons, ligaments and muscles to create space for pain-free foot function. Free. Skybaby Studio, 75 Main St. Cold Spring. Register:

Yamuna Body Rolling – 10:30-11:30am. YBR restores range of motion, relieves pains and removes blockages by stimulating the bones using a gentle, air filled ball with gravity doing most of the "work." $20.  Skybaby Studio, 75 Main St. Cold Spring. Register:

Learn Yamuna Body Rolling and Yamuna Foot Fitness with Rick Panson on Thursdays in March 2016 at Skybaby Studio in Cold Spring. Skybaby Studio, 75 Main St. Cold Spring. Register and more info: