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Injury Prevention Training for Soccer Players: With Tina Sferra of Elite Performance Physical Therapy of Westchester

Tina Sferra

Football injuries might be getting all the press nowadays, but soccer injuries—especially knee injuries—are also prevalent and potentially debilitating. Physical therapist Tina Sferra, who specializes in sports medicine, dance medicine, Pilates and yoga, offers soccer injury prevention lectures and workshops to soccer clubs, coaches, parents and teams. She also offers in-studio team trainings to condition players for injury prevention. 

As a soccer enthusiast, Sferra says she is impressed with the high level of human performance needed to run around during a soccer game, as well as the precision and balance necessary for the fancy footwork. “But I have observed firsthand too many injuries on the field,” she says. “I understand that the number-one causes of injury are fatigue and weak hip-core synergy. The incidence of ACL injuries is especially on the rise with the girls.”

In her training, Sferra demonstrates how to prevent lower-extremity injuries by strengthening the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes and hips) and increasing rotational core strength for when the foot hits the ground. She also addresses upper-extremity injuries from falls. “What sets me apart is that I am also a Pilates instructor,” she says. “I know firsthand how to develop a strong powerhouse to protect the body.” Teams can hire Sferra for a per-person rate of $160 for eight weekly sessions.

Tina Sferra currently operates Elite Performance Physical Therapy of Westchester, housed in Katonah Yoga Bedford Hills. For more info, contact her at 917.476.2164 or via her website,