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Simple Three-Minute Test Can Predict Disease

Mar 29, 2019 02:39AM ● By By Dr. Michael Wald

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if all our efforts to be healthy are really working? Just feeling great is no guarantee; even people with advanced disease can feel good for years before their health suddenly fails. However, a three-minute, noninvasive test can predict health and disease span by directly measuring the body’s cellular energy.

Most people don’t even know that their cellular energy can be measured. But this measurement predicts quality of life and risk of early death. It’s a simple, inexpensive test known as phase angle-body energetic measurement, and it gauges your body’s overall cellular energy. With this measurement, I can tell whether or not the food, nutritional supplement, hyperbaric therapy or whatever else that I recommend for my patients is working on the deepest level.

Today there are few ways to evaluate the severity and progression of diseases such as cancer. We need tools that let us know that our natural therapies are effective, and we need technologies that can predict survival and quality of life among individuals suffering from a range of conditions, from arthritis to fatigue, brain fog, autoimmune disease, intestinal problems and the like.

A Health Barometer

Studies have proven the phase angle test to be an independent indicator of cancer and many chronic diseases, because it measures cell membrane integrity and function that previously could not be measured. Measurements that fall below normal values indicate fragility or poor health, while those that fall above indicate excellent health. Changes in the rate of increase or decrease of phase angle indicate the impact that disease has upon the body and thus can help with clinical interventions such as nutrition.

Let’s say that your phase angle is four degrees or less; this means that there is likely a serious illness. A phase angle of two degrees or less means that death is likely imminent. A phase angle of eight degrees, on the other hand, indicates strong cellular health.

A low phase angle measurement can warn patients that their health is off track even though they might be consuming a healthy diet and taking nutritional supplements they think are good for them. To improve a low phase angle, I recommend natural therapies that improve the integrity of the cell membrane and improve the water balance inside and outside the body’s cells.

The trick is to measure a baseline phase angle and compare it against the patient’s health efforts. This is the only way to know if the body’s cells are working more normally from an electrical standpoint. I then compare the patient’s metabolic rate to their blood pH, and sometimes other tests, to get all of this right.

To raise awareness of the health-saving potential of this simple measurement, I’m including a free phase angle test with all new-patient appointments throughout the month of April.

Dr. Michael Wald is a chiropractor, dietician and board-certified nutritionist whose office is located at 20 Sunderland Ln., Katonah, NY. He hosts the weekly radio show Ask The Blood Detective on and has written more than 10 books, including The Anti-Aging Encyclopedia of Laboratory Tests. He can be reached at 914.552.1442. For more information, visit or email [email protected].

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