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A Quarter-Century in Green Lawn Care and Pest Control: “I do a lot of research and testing of my oils; I even make a pet line and a human line. It’s all safe and natural."

Ken Hubener

With 25 years in the industry, Ken Hubener, owner and operator of Bedford Landscapers & Tree Care, has been ahead of the trend toward natural and organic landscaping and pest control. That means he knows which “green” products work and which don’t, and how to use eco-friendly methods most effectively.

“We only use the top oils for pest control,” he says. “I do a lot of research and testing of my oils; I even make a pet line and a human line. It’s all safe and natural. My programs get the insects before they get you. I know when and where they breed, and I focus on those areas so I have very little to spray during insect season.”

Half of Hubener’s lawn care equipment is battery powered, and he plans to transition the other half from gas to battery. Besides landscaping, he and his team provide organic arbor care, with branch walking to prune and spray by hand.

“We are very passionate about tree work, as we are shamans,” he says. “Everything, even organic, is going to affect the ecosystem, so it’s important to know where and when to spray and when to cut. I hope that by 2022, all lawn care will be done organically and with battery-powered equipment, creating 80 percent less noise and no pollution to neighborhoods. From my work as a life coach, I see how chemicals and pollution affect families, especially pets.” 

While Bedford Landscapers & Tree Care provides 24/7 service for tree emergencies and flooding, Hubener’s ultimate goal is to provide clients with a full-season game plan.

“I am not just a landscaper—I am a property manager and provide maintenance,” he says. “We want to show you how you can live healthier and help the environment. We do it all. In the end you will save money, as there will be no need for extra chemicals or fertilizer.”

Location: Bedford Landscapers & Tree Care, 52 Bedford Ave., Bedford Hills, NY. For more info, call 914.539.1291 or visit

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