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Top Five Reasons for Practicing Tai Chi and Qigong

Mar 29, 2019 02:39AM ● By Sifu David Cunniff

Sifu David Cunniff

Reason 5: Increased flexibility. By performing the repetitive movements each day, you keep your muscles limber and stretched. One of the keys to staying young is keeping the cells from constricting, and the daily regimen of a tai chi workout guards against this.

Reason 4: Improved short- and long-term memory. The brain is a muscle that needs exercise to continue working properly. The repetitive movements of tai chi form require rote memory, which keeps your brain sharp.

Reason 3: Enhanced circulation of blood and qi. Qigong is like Roto-Rooter for your bloodstream—it clears out toxins and promotes qi. The slow, controlled breathing increases oxygen to the lungs and therefore to the blood. The cleaner your blood is, the healthier your entire body will be.

Reason 2: Better balance. The graceful, flowing movements, combined with the focus of training, promote a more conscious and attentive mindset, which creates better awareness and improved balance.

Reason 1: More fun. Tai chi form is like dancing: It’s fun to do, it can be done anywhere and any time, and it requires only you.

Sifu David Cunniff is owner of In Balance Tai Chi Studio, in Brewster, NY.

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