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United Palace, in NYC, Evokes Spirituality through Art, hosting Sunday Services, Shamanic Circles and Renowned Speakers

United Palace of Spiritual Arts

Both spirituality and art are means to explore and celebrate our capacity for connection, meaning, purpose and transcendence—and when we practice them together, channeling our innate creative powers and healing abilities, we can transform our lives and the world, says Rev. Heather Shea, spiritual director and CEO of United Palace, a transformational organization and venue that fuses spirituality, the arts, culture and entertainment.
    “Through spiritual artistry, we fully experience who and what we are by embracing artistic expression as a spiritual practice and spiritual practice as a form of art,” Shea says. “Through spirituality and art, we are able to explore and celebrate fully our complete humanity. All the enduring spiritual traditions, along with culture, art and entertainment, are pathways to connection, understanding, community and joy.”
    Located in Washington Heights, in the fourth-largest theater in Manhattan, the United Palace hosts Sunday services, shamanic circles, Open Heart Conversations exploring the world’s religious and spiritual traditions, renowned speakers, book signings and other events designed to facilitate spiritual awareness and artistic engagement.
    “At United Palace, we welcome anyone to come celebrate spirituality through art and art through spirituality,” Shea says. “You can discover your inner creative power through spirituality, while finding spiritual meaning through the arts. We are all spiritual artists.”

Location: United Palace of Spiritual Arts, 4140 Broadway (at 175th Street), NY. For more information, visit