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5 Steps to Promote Lymphatic Drainage

Mar 27, 2020 12:20PM ● By Marilee Burrell


A properly functioning lymphatic system—composed of lymphatic vessels along with lymph nodes in the neck, armpit, elbows, abdomen, groin and behind the knees—is essential to immunity from virus, says Jodi Kennedy, DC, owner of Integrity Chiropractic, in Mahopac.
“This vital system is responsible for removing foreign material like bacteria and viruses, recycling proteins and other nutrients, and shuttling the white blood cells around your body that are necessary to combat the flu,” she says.
Today’s sedentary lifestyle can cause lymphatic congestion, she says, and poor posture causes muscle tension that compresses the lymphatic vessels “like a foot on a hose,” inhibiting their immune-fighting capacity.
To promote lymphatic drainage, Kennedy suggests these five steps:

1)  Jump on a rebounder trampoline daily for 10 minutes.

2) Using a gentle circular motion, massage the chest, armpit, abdomen, groin, front of the neck and backs of the knees for 30 seconds daily.

3)  Stretch: Roll your neck from side to side, turn your arms palm up and down, and do large arm circles. Stretch your arms behind your back and over your head to expand your chest and ribcage. Stretch your heel to your buttock and do a lunge.

4)  Eat Spanish black radish and garlic. 

5)  Drink plenty of plain water—half your body weight in ounces.

Dr. Jodi Kennedy offers a free 20-minute consultation. For appointments, call 845.628.7233 or visit Integrity Chiropractic is located at 11 Miller Rd., Mahopac, NY, in the Gorman Park.