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Natural Dementia-Prevention Program Begins in June with Sharp Again Naturally

Photo: Dmytro Zinkevych/

Sharp Again Naturally, a nonprofit organization committed to turning the tide of memory loss, is now enrolling for its Small Group Program, which enables those concerned about their cognition to take an active role in enhancing their brain health. The program begins on June 1, with a session from noon to 1 p.m., and runs for 10 weeks. All sessions are held via Zoom.
“According to the Centers for Disease Control, dementia—or severe memory loss that interferes with daily life—is not part of the normal aging process. Yet every year, we are seeing dramatic increases in numbers of people diagnosed with memory loss, many of whom could have been helped with early intervention,” says Susan Lynne, executive director of Sharp Again Naturally.
“Virtually everyone has been touched by the slow devastation of memory loss in someone they love. Sharp Again Naturally believes we all have the right to live our best lives into our senior years, with our cognition intact. Research has shown that by taking steps to address memory issues as early as possible, in many instances people are able to prevent, slow or even reverse cognitive decline.”
Participants in the program will be working with a professional health coach in a secure, supportive and confidential group setting. According to Lynne, they will learn about the reversible causes of memory loss, identify and begin to modify lifestyle factors that may be impacting their brain health, learn from one another’s experiences, benefit from the latest research and educational information to restore memory, and acquire the tools they need to strengthen their cognition.
“Groups are limited to no more than eight individuals so that each person can get the individualized attention they need,” she says. “By the time the program ends, participants will have the knowledge and confidence to keep building on what they have learned to maintain a healthy, vibrant life.”

Cost: $249 for the 10-week program. Scholarships are available. For more information or to register, visit Sharp Again Naturally.