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Esoteric Healing for Fibromyalgia

Jun 30, 2021 12:12PM ● By Bernadette Bloom

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By Bernadette Bloom

Fibromyalgia affects many parts of the body, with symptoms that vary from person to person and pain that can go from zero to excruciating in minutes. Fibromyalgia can cause difficulty in focusing, sleeping, staying awake—or getting out of bed at all.

For Rebecca, one of my fibromyalgia clients, this was the case. I worked with her for a year to help her heal with esoteric healing. Before then she had suffered for eight years with body aches and brain fogginess that kept her in bed for a full day at least weekly.

“It didn’t make sense,” she says. “I went from an active, extremely fit lifestyle to not steady on my feet and dizzy in what felt like overnight.”

She’d tried multiple doctors and various medicines. Lyrica, Klonopin and Neurontin are popular but can have physical and emotional side effects, sometimes severe.

Medicines treat the symptoms but don’t get to the cause of fibromyalgia, which involves an imbalance in the sympathetic nervous system. Drugs can suppress the pain, take away the pain, or cure the pain but they won’t heal the person. Without the drugs, the pain will return.

“I tried antidepressants and painkillers,” Rebecca says. “It alleviated the pain some, but nothing ever fully worked.” She also explored holistic remedies with no success.  

Becoming Whole

Rather than suppressing pain with drugs, my esoteric healing method, based on teachings from Tibet, energetically removes the trauma that created the pain. That’s the difference between curing and healing—making one whole.

I begin by connecting to the Universal Life Force, an energetic healing presence from above. I then connect energetically to my clients and balance their chakras at six levels: physical, emotional, mental, personality, soul and spiritual. With fibromyalgia, the soul level is most impacted.

The two chakras primarily impacted are the heart and the throat. The heart chakra carries the energy of grief, love and joy. The throat chakra deals with expression and communication.

An imbalance on the soul level of the heart chakra indicates unresolved wounds. As this chakra directly influences the muscles, muscle aches are common. The heart chakra also controls the thymus gland, which controls the immune system. Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disease.

The throat chakra is the center of thought. As disease is a form of subconscious expression turned inward, people with fibromyalgia often have a great deal of unexpressed anger toward oneself and others.

The throat chakra also deals with the thyroid gland. Society teaches women to suppress their anger, and so more women than men have depleted thyroid glands.

The throat chakra controls the energy flow from the shoulders, elbows and hands. Those with fibromyalgia often have pain from “shouldering” guilt, burdens and responsibilities. The throat chakra also extends to the ears, affecting how and whether we hear things.

The alta major minor is not a chakra, but a minor of the throat. It controls the sympathetic nervous system. A system in constant fight-or-flight mode can present as pain and cause fibromyalgia.

So with fibromyalgia clients, I focus primarily on the throat and heart chakras and the alta major minor. My goal is to remove their trauma so they can let the pain go and heal inside.

A Healing Journey

I worked with Rebecca for a year—first with one-hour healing sessions, then she decided to take my classes so she could learn how to treat herself.

“It’s been a journey looking at all the times in my life I ignored my own feelings and put myself in so much pain,” she says. “I’ve learned that I can heal and go further than I ever thought possible based on my own connection to my inner voice.”

It’s a journey for sure—one that can be very rewarding. A true spiritual path of healing is available for those willing to do the work. To take a step on that path, listen to my healing meditation.

Bernadette Bloom is a medical intuitive, energy healing practitioner and holistic physical therapist serving the tri-state area. For appointments or information, visit

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