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Cate Bartilucci Opens Luna Power Yoga in Mahopac

Cate Bartilucciat at her new yoga studio

A new power yoga studio just opened in Putnam County—“but don’t let the word power mislead you,” owner Cate Bartilucci says. 

“While we’re rooted in vinyasa-style yoga, each of our teachers carry with them a unique and accommodating teaching style that empowers members to tap into their own inner power, strength and resilience,” says Bartilucci, who opened Luna Power Yoga, in Mahopac, in late August. “We have a flow for everyone, whether they’re interested in moving, sweating and breathing through a quicker-paced power flow or releasing and surrendering into a gentler practice.”

The word power has another meaning too, as Luna Power Yoga fits Bartilucci’s vision of a “small but mighty” studio for limited-capacity classes (no more than 10 people)—a place of strength and sanctuary, if only for an hour. Students close out their practice with a cold, essential-oil-infused towel, to awaken their senses in Savasana, the resting pose.

“We’re a community dedicated to connection and empowerment,” Bartilucci says. 

Studio as Sanctuary

When Luna Power Yoga opened in August, it was the product of Bartilucci’s own long process of personal discovery. 

She had moved back to Putnam County after years of practicing and teaching at various hot yoga studios in Hoboken, New Jersey. In Putnam, she had trouble finding a yoga studio she could feel challenged by and connected to. As the stresses in her own life dovetailed with those in the country and the world, it dawned on her that she could create the studio she was looking for.

“I had left my school counseling position after almost six years during the pandemic, and I realized this may be the perfect time to curate a space that culminated everything I was aching for in a studio, in hopes that others would be craving it too,” she says. “In a time where there’s so much going on around us—world events; worries about our physical, mental and emotional health; added responsibilities with work and school—it’s nice to know there’s a small hub in the community dedicated to wellness, movement, peace and mindfulness.”

Simply put, Bartilucci says, Luna Power Yoga offers the opportunity try something new in a supportive environment. 

“Whether they want to reconnect with the present moment, find stillness and peace, or challenge themselves, everyone who walks through our door will be in the presence of teachers who care about their well-being,” she says.

Some people might simply be looking for a clean, small-capacity studio; others might be looking to begin a yoga practice or deepen an advanced practice. Either way, they don’t have to look further, Bartilucci says. The studio’s diverse teaching staff covers all bases.

“Each member of our teaching staff comes from a different walk of life, and I think that’s what I honor the most,” she says. “Everyone is welcome at our studio. If you want to lay on your mat for 60 minutes and relax, find child’s pose, opt in to double chaturangas every vinyasa flow, flip upside down, you have the freedom and opportunity to honor yourself and show up however you want. No judgment. No pressure.”

Going with the Flow

The studio’s schedule is accessible via the Mindbody app, although Bartilucci continues to adjust it based on feedback. 

“We’ve been open to connecting with new members to learn more about what it is they’re looking for in a studio,” she explains. “We’ve already added more gentle flows.” 

Currently Luna Power Yoga is offering a new-member intro special, $35 for a week of unlimited yoga, as well as a wide variety of class pack/membership options.

Location: Luna Power Yoga, 54 Miller Rd., Ste. 4, Mahopac, NY. For more info, contact the studio at 845.276.4619 or [email protected], or visit
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