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Follow Protocols when Replacing Mercury Amalgam Fillings

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“Silver” tooth fillings actually contain mercury—a toxin—which is why health-conscious people are choosing to have them replaced. David Lerner, DDS, owner of The Center for Holistic Dentistry, in Yorktown Heights, says special protocols should be followed to ensure that the replacement is appropriate and safe.  

“It’s important to replace mercury amalgam fillings with carefully selected biocompatible alternatives,” Lerner writes in his book, The Dental Connection: The Role of Holistic Dentistry in the Integrative Healing Paradigm. “Because there is mercury released as a vapor when these fillings are removed, specially developed protocols, including an oxygen mask, dental dam and vacuum, are used to minimize your risk of exposure.” 

Once the mercury fillings have been removed, Lerner prescribes a cocktail containing vitamin C, activated charcoal and other ingredients to chemically bind with remaining mercury so it can be excreted. Raw garlic and cilantro are two foods that naturally serve this purpose.

Patients who choose to replace their mercury amalgam fillings for health reasons can maximize those benefits by getting proper nutrition ahead of time, Lerner says. They should eat lots of organic vegetables and fruit, drink plenty of water, and limit or eliminate the consumption of fish and fish products during detoxification. They should also exercise regularly and take any natural steps needed to improve bowel function, he says.

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